Brentwood recall effort resurrected

Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor

Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor

A Brentwood resident angry over the city’s decision to build a new civic center that will encroach on a downtown park served a second set of recall notices last night on Mayor Bob Taylor and councilmembers Chris Becnel and Bob Brockman.

Kathy Fredenberg’s first attempt fell victim to a missed deadline and she had to restart the process. Click here to see CCT reporter Rowena Coetsee’s story on the dispute.

Whether or not Fredenberg will gather sufficient signatures is an open question. She needs to collect 4,800 valid signatures of Brentwood registered voters in order to put the recalls on the ballot.

Becnel and Taylor don’t believe voters want to recall them over the civic center vote, and argue that the reconfigured park will actually be larger than the current park.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen