CD10: National GOP drops mailers for Harmer

The National Republican Congressional Committee has dropped two mailers (shown below) in the 10th District on behalf of GOP candidate David Harmer, providing a late but clear investment in a heavily Democratic district most political experts view as unwinnable for a Republican.

The election is Nov. 3 but many voters have already cast their ballots in the mail. Election officials expect the percentage of those who vote by mail in this low turnout special election will exceed 75 percent.

The mailers do not actually mention Harmer’s name. Both mailers urge voters to vote “no” on his opponent, Democratic Lt. Gov. John Garamendi.

One shows Garamendi pictured with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and says the two Democrats’ policies are sending Americans into the poor house. The other targets Garamendi’s support for tax increases.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • And then people wonder why the GOP is called the Party of NO.

  • Joe Voter

    The real question is why would the NRCC waste money on David Harmer? Party line absentee voting has already doomed his campaign.

    The Obama luster still has base democrats turning out to beat a sorry Republican candidate.

  • Allen Payton

    Cocordian – you bet! No to more taxes. No to overspending. No to wasteful spending. No to overprinting our currency. No to more bailouts. No to redistribution of wealth. But, yes to more freedom and individual responsibility, which our country was built on. And yes to health care reform, tort reform, reforming the tax system.
    The election isn’t over, yet, Joe.