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CD10: Garamendi lead looks insurmountable

By Lisa Vorderbrueggen
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 at 9:27 pm in 2009 CD10 special election.

With about a third of the precincts reporting in the 10th District, Lt. Gov. John Garamendi is retaining a commanding lead over his Republican opponent David Harmer. With a 12,500-vote spread, this election looks as though it’s over.

10th congressional district
One seat; 78 of 273 precincts reporting
David Harmer (Rep)    39.5%
Jeremy Cloward (Gr)    1.9%
John Garamendi (Dem)    56.1%
Mary McIlroy (PF)    1.3%
Jerry Denham (AI)    1%

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  • John Ebert

    Lisa: I would challenge your statement, “Garamendi’s likely victory was the sole bright spot for Democrats nationwide.” Perhaps even more relevant nationally was the Dems. victory in NY’s District 23. After all, that is where Palin campaigned against her own party’s candidate. Also, you can’t pin the GOP victories in NJ and VA on anything attributable to the Teabaggers. In fact, exit polls indicate that in both governors’ races the majority of the electorate acknowledged their support for Obama.

    If anything, I see tonight’s message being that the GOP is as fractured as ever.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    John Ebert — You are right. At the time I wrote that entry, the numbers were still out on the NY results. It now looks as though it will be a split result: 2 for Dems, 2 for Reeps.

  • Chet

    Another great election in California for the Democrats. How sweet it is.

  • Bill Gram-Reefer

    The only thing election nite proves is Tip O’Neill’s aphorism that “all politics is local”

    I would hesitate to draw any triumphant conclusions either way from the sausage making on display this day.

    At least it kept the media busy.

  • John W.

    How does Garamendi’s 56 pct. compare to Ellen T. in her recent re-election wins?

  • Mark H.

    Now that John G. is king of the 10th district for a year, does he actually plan on relocating his residence somewhere within his gerrymandered constituency?

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    John W.
    Here’s a rundown of Tauscher’s recent win percentages: 2008, 65 percent; 2006, 66 percent; 2004, 66 percent. But these were not special elections; she was an incumbent; and her opponents had nowhere near the money that Harmer raised.

    Mark H.
    John tells me that he has no plans to move. He and Patti have lived in their home in Walnut Grove since the 1970s and says that voters elected him knowing where he lives — just across the Sacramento River from the line.

    Yep, the election kept me employed. Thank God for elections!