CD10: Harmer unimpressed with AP declaration



GOP congressional candidate David Harmer took a dim view a few minutes ago of the Associated Press’ decision, with a third of the precincts reporting, to call the race for his Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. John Garamendi.

“Wasn’t it the AP who wrote the headline ‘Dewey defeats Truman?’ ” Harmer said. “I don’t believe in giving any concession speeches until all the votes have been counted.”

Actually, no. It was the Chicago Tribune and that was a long time ago, 1948, to be exact.

Unfortunately, in this case, the number of precincts reporting is an inaccurate reflection of the total votes cast. In a low turnout election where three-quarters of the ballots are cast through the mail and not in a precinct, the percentage of precincts reporting is a far smaller number than the percentage of votes that have already been counted as vote-by-mail ballots.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Beth Jersey

    Turns out the AP was right and the projected win by Garamendi was almost exactly what the polls had predicted – 10%. That after such a lot of flag waving by the local tea baggers. Makes me proud that local folks recognized the value of Garamendi’s experience and the importance of continuing to fight for Democratic values.

  • Liz Summer

    Congratulations to Mr. Garamendi. How nice that so many of you think he will represent our district so well. Interesting in that he does not live here, never did, has no ties here, his children did not go to school here, he does not know us and our needs. Mr. Harmer lives here, he does volunteer work in the schools, his neighbors also live in the District but of course he cannot know as much as Mr. Garamendi about this area. Local folks were seduced by the unions, pure and simple. Without union backing it is impossible to win here. Who really runs this District?

  • Your CC Times article fails to mention that the Democrat who won office in New York, was the first Democrat to win the seat since before the Civil War — despite Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin and the rest of the Right Wing Echo chamber’s endorsement. They got rid of the ‘moderate’ republican candidate who was actually endorsed by Boehner (Republican Leader of the House, who donated $5000).

    And by the way, Garamendi is going to win by over ten points — in my book that’s a wipeout!

  • Garamendi Won because he supports CHANGE in the Health Insurance Industry — the only business in the World that does not have to provide a service if you actually paid for it, but need to use it. He is for getting rid of the overpaid health insurance executives and their yachts!

  • Allen Payton

    Congrats to John Garamendi, who will be our new Congressman, tomorrow. Congrats also to David Harmer for running a strong campaign and narrowing the gap of registration by 8%.
    Here’s my questions, now: how is the empty LtGov’s seat filled and whom do u think will fill it?

  • Owen

    For the Harmer supporters posting here. I might have considered him if he didn’t run a hate based campaign full of attack ads with NO information on his beliefs and policies (‘no more bailouts’ is not only not a platform it is a stupid promise that he couldn’t keep even if he actually wanted to). Plus I received an automated voice spam call from his campaign every day for two weeks – thanks for wasting my time.

    And of course Garamendi has political clout to actually achieve things for the country, for California and for our district. I’m happy to live in a district where voters aren’t deceived by smear tactics.

  • steve weir

    Governor “appoints” in the case of a vacant statewide official. Legislature must confirm. Article V, Sec. 5
    (b) “Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of … Lieutenant Governor…,the Governor shall nominate a person to fill the vacancy who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority of the membership of the Senate and a majority of the membership of the Assembly…”

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    Being Lt. Gov. is almost as much fun as being Prince of Wales when you’ve held that title for decades.

  • Elwood

    Every morning you call Ahnold, and if he answers you hang up.

  • Ralph Hoffmann, Guest Columnist

    The Kiplinger Letter for October 30, 2009 gives 2009 Legislative Odds as follows:
    Health Care Reform 3 to 2; Narrow passage in Dec.
    Energy Cap and Trade 1 to 6; Too hard 2009, maybe 2010.
    Financial Regs 1 to 2; House passage probable, but Senate hurdle high.
    Estate Tax Exemption 3 to 2; A one year patch likely.
    Card Check Deal 2 to 3; Union protect w/secret ballots.
    FDA Overhaul 3 to 2; Food safety trumps business costs.
    I don’t think odds will change w/ 2 more Dems.