CoCo registrar’s Election Day notes



Contra Costa County Registrar of Voters Steve Weir sent over an update this morning on today’s election.

Among the party registration of those who have voted by mail, a higher percentage of Republicans have voted than Democrats. But Democrats significantly outnumber Republicans — 7,000 more Democrats have returned ballots than Republicans. That bodes well for Democratic candidate and Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, as long as those Democrats voted for him rather than Republican David Harmer.

Voter turn-out has surpassed that of the Sept. 1 election, Weir said. That makes sense. There are more issues on the ballot than in September, including high-profile elections in Walnut Creek and its two school districts.

And on the lighter side, Weir says some folks are calling him and demanding to know why they can’t vote. Uh, they don’t live in a city or political district where there is an election. Only about half of the county’s voter reside in a region with an election today. But kudos to people who want to vote!

Here is what Weir had to say in more detail:

Lost an inspector yesterday do to wife’s illness.  Lost an inspector this morning due to flu (we were able to cover.)

Lost power at a church and we’re operating off of extension cords (to the school next door.)  Will probably move the polls before 5 pm as power cords only help with the AutoMark.

Just left a tour from a delegation from Uganda and Tanzania, they toured Walnut Creek, then my office and now they are going to a poll site in Pleasant Hill.  They have toured Harris County Texas, and will tour in Oregon tomorrow.

One of our most requested items today is for ballots for Congress for people who do not live in the 10th CD.

I listened to a man at the counter this morning who just could not believe that there was not anything for him to vote on. Maybe I ought to bring out the favorite flavor of ice cream test ballots?

Walnut Creek’s return rate is 62.7 percent as of last night.  San Ramon is at 35.6 percent. (9 of the 11 San Ramon precincts are out of the 10th CD.)

Dems are returning at 51.8 percent of issued in the 10th and Reps are at 61.3 percent return rate of those issued.  (Dems are ahead of actual ballots returned by about 7,000.)

Of the 112 polling sites (representing 132,000 non-vote-by-mail (VBM) voters, we have just under 6,000 votes cast.  So, we’re at just under 5 percent turn-out of the non-VBM voters at the polls as of 10 am.  (This is a better turn out at 10 am than we had on Sept. 1.)

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • John W.

    Gonna be close, methinks. My guess is that late/non-mail votes break for the GOP. Repubs likely more energized to get out the vote on election day. Whether that’s true and whether that offsets more early Dem votes, who knows? We’ll see shortly.

  • Ralph Hoffmann, Guest Columnist

    It’s over for David Harmer. If he had supported leaving Afghanistan as the other 4 candidates did, he would have had a better chance. As we used to say in Brooklyn, wait ’til next year, GOP!

  • steve weir

    I am not one to speculate. However, Garamendi has a 12,000 vote advantage with the vote by mail ballots. IF there are 28,000 additional ballots to count in the 10 CD (my best estimate), Harmer would need to take 20,000 and Garamendi take 8,000 to approach a close election.

    Those 28,000 would be about 8,000 VBM turned in at the polls, and 20,000 ballots cast at 10th CD precincts today. (All of this is by way of estimates. Because we must go through specified procedures to certify the final results, we will not know absolute totals for several days.)

  • steve weir

    With precincts now reporting in, Harmer holds a slight lead over Garamendi (2,635 to 2,617) from election day precinct totals.

    Looks like John W. has it right.

    However, Garamendi holds a substantial lead in the VBM ballots…

  • John W.

    I blew that analysis big time. Back to pundit school for some remedial learning.