CoCo election worker helps flu victim vote

What would you do if you were a pollworker and a voter with a suspected case of H1N1 flu stopped off to cast a ballot on Tuesday? The election division does not typically stock hazmat suits.

“While we provide a ’10 ways you can stay healthy at work’ tip sheet to our inspectors, this one our did (him or herself) proud and performed an outstanding job.” said Contra Costa Registrar of Voters Steve Weir.

Here’s the text from the inspector’s journal:

“18:35 Attended/performed curbside voter who was on way home from hospital after being diagnosed probable H1N1.  I utilised full bio containment proc’s tossing the pens she touched (after sealing them in ziploc bags) she signed the Prov. roster w/o touching it, but she had to hold her Prov. ballot Env. to complete it.  Hence her P.B is sealed in a ziploc bag.  Utmost care was taken to assure virtually no poss’y of any poss. contamination, and to contain any known contaminated items/objects/surfaces.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen