Glover: No tutu, please

Black Diamond Ballet Theater

Black Diamond Ballet Theater

Contra Costa Supervisor Federal Glover is taking no cues from Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor, who will appear Saturday in turkey costume this weekend.

The mayor agreed to wear the fowl suit if the community met a 300-turkey donation threshold, a level they nearly exceeded by double.

Glover, on the other hand, will make his debut theatrical appearance on Sunday in a local production of  “The Nutcracker Ballet.”

Sans tutu.

Absolutely no tutu, he says. And yes, he’s nervous.

“My grandchildren may be watching,” he said. “They’re a tough audience.”

No word on what he will be wearing. But we can only hope it doesn’t involve tights. No one wants to see their local politician in tights.

According to the supervisor’s office, Glover will be among several political celebrity cast members including Pittsburg Mayor Sal Evola, Pittsburg City Councilwoman Nancy Parent and Chamber of Commerce’s Meridith Laddich.

They will be participating in the opening scene of the Dec. 20 production of Peter Tchaikovski’s Nutcracker Ballet as performed by the Black Diamond Ballet Theatre at the Pittsburg Creative Arts Building.

The production is the premiere performance of East County’s professional dance troupe, the Black Diamond Ballet Theatre, which is making the 2,000-seat Creative Arts Building its home base.

The Sunday performance starts at 2 p.m.  For tickets, call 925-754-9833.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen