DeSaulnier visits CCT editorial board

For the true politics addicts out there, I have posted below an hour-long video of state Sen. Mark DeSaulnier’s Tuesday visit to the Contra Costa Times’ editorial board. I sat in on the session and recorded it.

DeSaulnier, D-Concord, talks about the state budget and his desire to avoid the “Big Five” last-minute negotiations, his policy priorities as chairman of both a budget and a policy committee, and vowed to help push reforms of the state pension system.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • 47% of the $850,000 received to elect Senator Mark Desaulnier came from Sacramento. Sacramento is NOT in DeSaulnier’s seventh senate district. People in the seventh senate district now know why their voices and concerns are NOT heard on legislation in the California State Senate.
    Pass the word!

  • Common Tater

    The other 53% of his money came from unions – big ‘uns, small ‘uns, fat ‘uns, tall ‘uns. That is the other reason why people’s concerns in the 7th senate district are NOT heard.

  • John W

    Re What transparency and Common Tater said

    Unfortunately, this state of affairs is hardly limited to DeSaulnier, to one party or to state government. The U.S. Supreme Court Citizens United case makes it all but impossible to envision a way out of this, other than strong disclosure requirements — by which I mean disclosure on steroids, “in-your-face” disclosure that makes it impossible for people not to know who is paying for what.

  • Rick K.

    Mr. DeSaulnier has overstayed his welcome as a purported “lawmaker” in Sacramento. I doubt that he really understands 5% of the bills that he votes on. He is little more than a puppet of union bosses, especially public employee unions. His proposals for public pension “reform” legislation are farcical and even would exacerbate the fiscal irresponsibility. He has accomplished little in Sacramento beyond: (1) naming the new Benicia Bridge for his friend Congressman George Miller (there should be a law against naming public projects for politicians still in public office) and (2) naming part of I-680 for former state Senator Dan Boatwright, who himself accomplished little in his 24 years in the Legislature beyond being a water boy for Contra Costa real estate developers and other special interests. (Term limits were enacted to get rid of people like Mr. Boatwright.) Both Rep. Miller and Sen. Boatwright have given generously to Sen. DeSaulnier’s campaigns. Apparently Sen. DeSaulnier thinks that Contra Costa County’s number one problem in Sacramento is that too few public facilities are named for DeSaulnier’s friends and campaign donors. And Senator DeSaulnier is supposedly leading state government reform efforts in Sacramento?