Garamendi speaks to CCT editorial board

Watch my FlipVideo of Rep. John Garamendi’s visit this morning with members of the Contra Costa Times’ editorial board.

Garamendi, D-Walnut Grove, was relaxed and clearly enjoying his new role as a member of Congress, where he can immerse himself in policy issues.

Among the issues he discusses are his assessment of the health insurance reform legislation, California’s budget, his recent cross-country driving trip from California to Washington, D.C., the new federal transportation spending blueprint, higher education funding and the prospects of redistricting in 2012:

Healthcare legislation — He hopes it will survive but if it doesn’t, it probably won’t come back onto the table for several years.

Driving cross-country: His wife and daughter bought an Elvis love songs CD in Memphis and he has heard enough Elvis for a while.

Transportation spending reauthorization bill: Debate centers around whether it should come up before or after the November election.

Higher education funding: California needs to get its act together and view education spending as an investment in its economy and future.

Redistricting: The job of drawing congressional boundaries should remain with the state Legislature and not turned over to an independent commission, a process he describes as chaotic and unlikely to produce a workable plan. And he would love to see the 10th District redrawn to include his house in Walnut Grove.

Click below to watch the video:

Lisa Vorderbrueggen