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East Bay volunteers phone bank for Coakley

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 at 4:35 pm in U.S. Senate.

I just spoke with Madera Glenn of Hayward, an Organizing for America community organizer who led an eight-person team in making get-out-the-vote calls today to voters in western Massachusetts in support of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Martha Coakley. She and five others made calls from their cell phones at a Castro Valley coffee shop, the other two worked from home.

“We punched out a few hundred calls. They went fast, it was just a short message and a lot of people already had it, so there wasn’t a whole lot of discussion,” she said, noting most of the people they called turned out to be “die-hard ‘we’re going to vote for Coakley’ people” who’d already cast their votes today.

Glenn said she spends about 20 hours a week on OFA activities, but this one is near and dear to her heart because it’s the late Ted Kennedy’s seat at stake, “the father of health insurance reform.”

“The thought of losing just by virtue of the scales being tipped after all this time, after being so close, has kept me up at night,” she said.

If Republican Scott Brown wins as the polls predict, Glenn said tomorrow morning it’ll be “roll up our sleeves, back to the drawing board, what to we do now?” If there has to be some other way of getting to 60 votes for health care reform and other things on the Obama Administration’s agenda, so be it, she said: “We don’t give up.”

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  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    I’m looking forward to callers with a broad, rural New England accent boosting Senator Boxer later this year. Turnabout is fair play.

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    As of 6.37pm, Coakley lost to Brown.