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Oakland Green enters gubernatorial race

By Josh Richman
Monday, February 1st, 2010 at 2:16 pm in 2010 governor's race, Green Party.

As the Republican gubernatorial primary continues to get nastier and the Democratic gubernatorial primary continues to not exist, another candidate is entering the field today for the Green Party primary.

Laura WellsLaura Wells, 62, of Oakland, is holding her kickoff party at 6:30 p.m. tonight at La Estrellita, 446 E. 12th St. in Oakland; elected Greens including Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, Fairfax Mayor Lew Tremaine and Fairfax Vice-Mayor Larry Bragman are scheduled to attend.

A former financial and business analyst with expertise in stocks, bonds, pension funds and real estate, Wells boasts that her 420,000 vote count when she ran for state Controller in 2002 was the highest any Green has ever received in a partisan statewide race. She says she’ll be running on a platform to “fix the way money works” in California, creating a fairer tax system to benefit most taxpayers while providing quality schools, universal healthcare, job opportunities and a cleaner environment.

Community activist and former Black Panther Deacon Alexander of Los Angeles announced earlier this month that he, too, will seek the Green Party’s gubernatorial nomination.

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  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    Is this a joke? The Greens may count in Germany, but in the California Republic the Greens are as influential as SuperBowl boycotters.

  • Wes Rolley

    And, at the state level, that is by intention. The entire legislative control over apportionment is designed to protect incumbency at all costs. They view it as their duty.

    In the mean time, Greens have made significant difference in some local elections, most recently in Richmond where Green Gayle McLaughlin is Mayor or in Fairfax, where Greens hold a majority of the seats on the City Council.

    So, what do we get in exchange? A Meg Whitman who double facedly contributes to environmental organizations and then wants to slow down or cancel those environmental controls that would save us. She seem to be getting much the better of a Jerry Brown who hasn’t even officially decided to enter the race… so positive is he of winning on his good name alone.