Helen Allen won’t run for county supervisor

Helen Allen

Helen Allen

Concord Councilwoman Helen Allen will not seek election to the seat held by outgoing Contra Costa Supervisor Susan Bonilla.

Allen says she will instead seek re-election this year to her City Council seat.

The other two declared supervisor candidates are Pleasant Hill Councilwoman Karen Mitchoff and Central Sanitary District board member Mike McGill. Concord Councilwoman Laura Hoffmeister has said she wants to run for supervisor but has not officially declared or raised any money.

Bonilla is running for Assembly District 11.

Allen was an unlikely supervisor candidate anyway, and talk behind the scenes was that she simply wanted to push Hoffmeister into making a decision one way or the other.

Four years ago, Allen publicly stated that she did not want to be re-elected to the City Council but made the decision too late to have her name removed from the ballot. She did not raise a dime or campaign but was re-elected anyway. As a council candidate, she will likely face the same issue that has dogged her for years — questions about her residency.

Allen and her husband sold their Concord home and bought a house near Sacramento several years ago, but she maintained a partial residency at her sister’s Concord condominium. The outspoken, feisty retired school teacher says she and her husband had hoped to sell their house and move fulltime back to Concord but they have been stymied by the poor housing market.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • This amounts to an admission that she did not live in the city. Why is she allowed to hold her seat now?

  • It is incorrect to say that she did raise a dime in 2006.
    Check the 460 Forms
    Additionally it should be noted that the Developer Group: East Bay Business Coalition spent $34,000 as an independent expenditure on her behalf in that campaign.

  • John T.

    Helen is and has always been an outstanding Concord advocate and resident.

    As when a student goes away to school, their residence stays at their home town.

    Let’s hope Helen stays on the Concord City Council.

  • Mike F.

    Geez, John T. get real. She is not a student, nor does she serve in the military, so where she lies her head down at night is her residence. She and owns a “home” in Sacramento, not some rental property or weekend place. Throw her out of office.