Brown officially joins governor’s race



Democratic Attorney General Jerry Brown officially entered the California gubernatorial race a few minutes ago with an online announcement of his candidacy. Click here to watch the 3 1/2-minute online video.

Brown describes his long political career as a plus, saying that California has already tried hiring governors who knew nothing about how the state operates and look how that turned out.

With the pesky little business of actually filing the paperwork out of the way, Brown’s Republican foes eagerly hit the “send” button.

The California Republican Party says it will switch its campaign from “Where’s Jerry?” to “Which Jerry?”:

“The California Republican Party is very encouraged that Jerry Brown has finally decided to fight off his indifference and join the governor’s race. We enjoyed sharing our ‘Where’s Jerry?’ Watch with the media over the past two weeks, but now that the Democrats finally have an official candidate to try to justify their special-interest funded 527 groups, we can start asking a serious question of Jerry Brown.

“Which Jerry Brown are the voters going to see this time? The slippery attorney general who stonewalled an ACORN investigation and ignored his own spokesman’s outrageous lack of ethics? The career politician who would rather rent the office he aspired to than own the job he was hired to do? Or the failed governor who massively expanded state government and set in motion the disasterous policies that have put California on the brink of collapse?

“Jerry Brown is officially on the clock. And the question has officially changed from ‘Where’s Jerry?’ to “Which Jerry?'”

Gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner had to say:

“This election will be about the future of California, not the past. Our state needs bold, new conservative solutions that will jumpstart our economy and bring jobs back to California. We cannot fall prey to the same high-tax policies and special interest-run government that has led our state into a fiscal disaster. The next Governor will need specific economic solutions, like my plan for across-the-board tax cuts, and also be willing to stand up to the powerful unions who control Sacramento.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen