New Assembly Speaker to raise money for Buchanan





New Assembly Speaker John Pérez will headline a fundraiser for Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan, D-Alamo on March 18 at Round Hill Country Club.

The event is billed as an opportunity to “meet the new Speaker of the Assembly.”

The price of the encounter ranges from $100 for the “friend” seat at dinner to $7,800 for a table of eight plus tickets to the co-host reception.

If you are so inclined, RSVP Cynthia Brantly Pierce at 510-704-165y or email her at cynthia@cpierce.com.

Buchanan has no primary challengers yet and no one expects a viable Democrat will surface. Her presumed GOP challenger in November is San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson, who also has no opponent in the primary. The close of filing is March 12, so we’ll see if that holds up.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Common Tater

    Raise money for Buchanan! What for? So she can mount another ill-advised bid for higher office?

    She was in the assembly for a very brief time before she decided to run for congress. What’s next? If the state senator’s office become vacant, Joan will be first in line, and (cribbing a line from ABBA) will be asking you to “take a chance on me.”

    No thanks.

  • ted ford

    Anyone want to volunteer? She doesn’t deserve a free pass.

  • John W.

    If there’s a job description somewhere for “Bridge Burner,” Joan is superbly qualified. Too bad. The woman is very intelligent and could have played a constructive, moderating role in the Assembly. She blew it. The letter I received from her to justify her vote against the Maldanado nomination was pathetic.

  • Joan does not believe in business as usual. She believes we must refocus on the fundamental elements of governing.

    As for Sen. Maldanado’s confirmation, she strongly believes that backroom deals should not be rewarded with appointments to statewide office.

  • John W.

    Yeah, that’s pretty much what she said in her letter to me. When she joined the rest of the Bay Area legislative delegation’s meddling in the BART negotiations, how was that not “business as usual?” I presume “backroom deal” refers to the open primary. Maldanado bucked his own party to reach a budget compromise and used the situation to push for meaningful government reform. Joan apparently was not in favor of that reform. So, who is the “business as usual” person here? What stance has Joan taken on any issue that was contrary to the interest of her public employee union constituency? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not impressed by Wilson signing the Club for Growth “no new tax” pledge card either. I’m looking for people willing to take political risks to do the right thing. Maldanado did that. Joan didn’t.