New poll: Campbell-Boxer in a dead heat





A new Rasmussen poll out this morning shows Democratic U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer and Republican challenger and former Congressman Tom Campbell in a dead heat and posting substantial leads over the other two GOP primary contestants, Carla Fiorina and Chuck DeVore.

Click here to read the full national independent polling firm’s report, but here are the first few paragraphs of what the pollster posted a few minutes ago:

Incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer is now in a virtual dead heat with former Congressman Tom Campbell in California’s U.S. Senate race.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters in the state finds Boxer leading Campbell 43% to 41%. Six percent (6%) prefer some other candidate, and 10% are undecided.

A month ago, Boxer posted a 45% to 41% lead over Campbell.

Two other Republican hopefuls, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, remain within striking distance, but their numbers worsened very slightly this month.

Boxer now leads both Fiorina and DeVore by 46% to 40% spreads. Four percent (4%) opt for another candidate, and roughly 10% are undecided.

Voters not affiliated with either major party give a slight edge to Boxer in two of the contests but break even when Fiorina is the GOP candidate in the race.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Sunset Bob

    As an independent voter—Boxer is one of worse members in the US Senate—her husband made his money owning a workers compensation law firm….she one of the leaders of the far left—Campbell has been a moderate member of the State Senate—-only hope that the crazy Republican Party selects Campbell over the nuts in the primary.

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    Hey hey, ho ho! Race has got a long way to go! Tom, don’t sign a DC lease just yet.

  • Jim Wood

    Chuck DeVore has distinguished himself as an honest, independent candidate. Neither Boxer or Campbell can make that claim.

  • Mike F.

    Boxer needs to go – she is far too left for any moderate and the antics and bullying just aren’t what I want in a Senator. The more I’ve read about DeVore, the more I’m inclined to vote for the guy. He stands on his principles and is fiscally conservative, something more important than most all other issues at this time. I thought Carly might be a good candidate to go against Boxer, but she’s shown alot of confusion. Campbell might be a good moderate show, but I don’t think he’s ready at this time.