Watch Miller video on health bill signing ceremony

A clearly happy Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez, talks on video after he returns from the bill-signing ceremony today, where President Barack Obama signed historic health care legislation.

Miller, who helped write the legislation and has been advocating for many of its contents since he was elected 35 years ago, is one of a handful of people who will receive one of the pens that Obama used to sign the bill.

The congressman also talks about the receipt of a blue wristband that Sen. Ted Kennedy’s widow, Vicki, gave him in memory of her husband and the Democrats’ fight to pass health care legislation.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Elwood

    “since he was elected 35 years ago”

    Well that tells you about all you need to know about that.

    Oh, Lord, is there no end to this plague you have visited upon us?

  • Rich

    Thanks Congressman Miller for standing up for the working poor who can’t afford health insurance. My company doesn’t offer health insurance. I take home a $1,200 per month. Out of that I’ve got to pay 400 per month child support. How am I supposed to pay a 1200 per month monthly insurance premium? There are a lot of people accross the US, not to mention in Congressman Millers district, in my position. We work hard everyday, we take care of our families. But were priced out of health care. Congressman Miller fought for this health care bill because he knew and cared about people in my situation. Thanks Congressman Miller, thanks for fighting for the working poor.

  • Elwood

    You’re just screwed, dude.

    After I adopt you and start paying for your health insurance, could you at least come over and mow my lawn?

  • Mr Independant

    Unfortunately you fail to understand that the reason you are priced out of the health insurance market is because of mandates required by GOVT!! If they had left it alone instead of Teddy Kennedy and the Dems creating HMO’s, we wouldn’t be in this mess. The primary purpose of Congress is to try to solve problems (not their job) which then create more problems, which they then turn around and try to solve!

  • John W.

    # 4 Mr. Independent

    Many reasons why people like Rich are priced out of the market. Federal mandates have nothing to do with it. Mandates in the individual insurance market are determined by the states. A while back, I found a website which listed the specific mandates for each state. Given California’s reputation, I expected California to lead the pack. In fact, California had fewer mandates listed than Texas. So, we’ll have to find another scapegoat. The bottom line is that the individual insurance market is to health insurance what payday loans are to the lending industry — highly predatory and conceptually unworkable because of the person-by-person risk underwriting rather than the pooling aspect of group insurance. It is really strange that people with access to to employer-sponsored group insurance (that’s most folks under 65) get the best deal — The regressive $250 billion annual tax exemption subsidy and the ability to have the most expensive cancer or kidney disease treatments in the world without paying a dime more than the 25-year old employee who has never taken so much as an aspirin. In the individual market, if you once took Flonase for seasonal allergies, your rates will be jacked up beyond affordability. Anything more serious, you are likely to be either denied outright or have the “preexisting condition” (or anything that later happens to you that can be remotely attributed to the prior condition) excluded from your coverage. It’s an awful system. Tax-exempt large employer-based insurance, where the employee sees little of either the actual cost of the insurance or the underlying actual cost of the health care, has been the single biggest culprit in this country’s outlandish health care inflation (cost as share of GDP) over the decades. The new legislation is imperfect, but it’s start.