AD15: Wilson has slight fundraising lead





GOP Assembly District 15 primary candidate Abram Wilson is slightly ahead in the money contest against Democratic incumbent Joan Buchanan.

Excluding a personal loan of $14,000, Wilson has collected $207,139 in contributions since Jan. 1, 2009, and has $119,891 in the bank as of March 17.

Buchanan, who has not loaned her campaign money, raised $189,374 in the same period and had $115,813 in the bank. (Buchanan loaned her congressional bid in 2009 nearly $1 million.)

To view their full reports online, click here for Buchanan and here for Wilson.

Neither candidate has an opponent in the June 8 primary, which means they can dedicate their warchests to what most expect will be a highly competitive and expensive general election battle. Democrats seized the seat from Republicans in 2008 with Buchanan’s win and they are as eager to keep it as the GOP is to take it back.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Mike F.

    I find it striking that most of Ms. Buchanan’s contributions are from unions, the health care industry and other special interest organizations, whereas Mr. Wilson’s are from individuals.

    Hmmmm, is it “power of the people” that will get someone elected or “power of the union/corporation.”

    This article could’ve been more compelling with a wee bit more analysis on the givers.