Brown swipes at attorneys general for trying to overturn health reform

Attorney General Jerry Brown ridiculed the effort by the 13 attorneys general to overturn the health insurance reform bill in an interview this morning on KGO radio, saying it’s just “part of the national Republican party effort to destroy” the Obama presidency.

“As an attorney general, you don’t know these things the night of the vote or the next day,” he said. “This takes time. … You can’t file a lawsuit that quickly. This requires sober constitutional reflection.

“My own hunch at this early point,” he continued, “is that they’re going with Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and the others. And there’s no effort to collaborate, forge a common purpose at this time of maximum national crisis.”

Brown also took a swipe at Meg Whitman, the billionaire ex-CEO of eBay who is running 50 points ahead of her GOP rival Steve Poizner, and 5 points ahead of Brown, in the race for governor.

“What’s going on is Meg Whitman is spending $350,000 a day,” Brown said. “It’s incredibly wasteful because half the money she spends she wastes. It’s emblematic of exactly the wrong kind of leader for the state, somebody who doesn’t know how to save money, flies around in a jet, spends hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars every day.

“If you buy TV every hour on the Gong shows, the Olympics and sports, you’re gonna catch people who don’t listen to this show, read the newspapers and watch the news, and you’re going to reach out to a lot of people and they’re going to get only one side of the story and you get close. With that kind of spending, to be only even with me may reflect she’s hit the ceiling.”

Brown declined to weigh in on the debate over legalizing marijuana, saying that since he has to write the 100-word title and summary for the ballot measure, he had to keep neutral.

Steven Harmon