Oppo research group attacks Whitman for eBay’s failure to hire Latino managers

Speaking of campaign attacks, here’s one from the anti-Meg Whitman oppo research group, California Accountability Project, which takes on Whitman for eBay’s hiring practices. Drafting off of a San Jose Mercury News story, the ad hits Whitman, the ex-CEO of eBay, for failing to hire a single Latino for a managerial position from 2000-2005 while hiring 366 other managers.

Nick Velasquez, of the Cal Accountability Project, said it undermines Whitman’s pledge to make Latinos a big part of her campaign. The Project earlier made some noise about Whitman’s campaign chairman, former Gov. Pete Wilson, who almost singlehandedly cemented hostile relations between Latinos and the Republican party with his Proposition 187 ballot measure campaign in 1994 to revoke welfare benefits from illegal immigrants.

Hector Barajas, a spokesman with the Whitman campaign responded:

“This ad and this Democratic attack group is a joke. It’s a complete and utter falsehood to say Meg didn’t hire Latino managers at eBay. Not only is our campaign being advised by a former eBay executive, he is a Latino who was hired at eBay by Meg Whitman in 2000. According to federal data between 2000 and 2005, there were 11 Latino managers and eBay added Latino managers during that period. The truth is Team Brown is peddling false advertising to disguise Jerry Brown’s record of failure on the economy, which is the top issue in California’s Latino community.”

Steven Harmon

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    And she hasn’t hired any Seminole or Tibetan managers,either!

  • Curmudgeon46

    And that should matter why? Since when (except in the liberal’s eyes) should color, ethnicity, faith, or lack thereof, sexual preferences, etc. matter or be a deciding factor?

    A good manager hires the best person for the particular position. I know I always did!

  • Mike F.

    When will we stop our obsession with racial group identity as criteria for hiring? It is about the qualifications, not the color of your skin.

  • Ann

    Are all Latinos illegal immigrants? Of course not, only a racist would think something so ridiculous. One would believe most Latinos are also opposed to illegal immigration. Perhaps they are worried themselves about paying for schools that are proven incapable of educating so may students from poorly educated, non-English speaking, even illiterate households where the medium income is well under $10 grand, paying for welfare, infrastructure, prisons, and on and on for the same families. Maybe they are aware of the budgetary mess our local, state and federal governments are in and believe legalizing current and inviting more poor immigrants would be a really bad idea.Perhaps all Latinos aren’t open border actvists who support amnesty.

  • Mike F.

    How does your comment relate to the story above?

  • John W.

    This may not be the kind of “high road” politics that we all yearn for (or at least claim we yearn for), but it’s not something that causes me much angst. To be fair, she opened herself up for the criticism by making a meaningless token gesture about wanting to reach out to Latinos. Frankly, if the statistics about the hiring at eBay are accurate and not misleading, that is rather suprising. I mean, when you talk about 366 managers, you’re getting down to the supervisor level. In California, not one of them Latino? Not saying there was any bias against Latinos, just a lack of effort to reach out in the way many of the better-run companies do these days. In my business world experience, it was enlightened self-interest to have a work force that, as much as possible, reflected the diversity of your customer base. It’s good business.

  • Doug

    How would auctioning crap on the internet be done differently by hispanic managers?? The race of the individual makes no difference in the world of the internet because there is NO human interaction. This line of attack on Whitman is stupid. Hire the best, pass on the rest.

  • John W.

    Well, one of the two sides is obviously not telling the truth here. One says not one Latino hired as as a manager (out of 366). In this state, you would almost have to go out of your way not to hire Latinos for that to be the case. But Whitman’s camp says at least 11 Latino managers hired. Hope that’s true. In a large company, it does matter whether your workforce at various levels reflects the diversity of the broader community in which you do business. It doesn’t matter whether there is face-to-face customer contact or not. Out of diversity comes different ideas, perspectives and opportunities. Also, in a state where a quarter of the population is Latino, it would be hard to believe that not one Latino would be among the best for hiring purposes. Apparently Meg agrees. Otherwise, she would not have hired the 11 managers and would not now be saying how important it is to make Latinos an important part of her campaign.