Watch Miller-Garamendi love fest

No, not that kind of love fest. Get a grip.

This is my FlipVideo of last night’s fete of reps. George Miller and John Garamendi and their role in the passage of the health care reform legislation. East Bay labor, minority and Democratic party leaders hosted the event at the IBEW Local 302 Hall in Martinez.

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But you can watch the speeches yourself at the link below. (Don’t mind the backsides of the people who kept standing in front of my little camera. They eventually moved.)

Toward the end of the video (about 39 minutes or so) watch closely and you will see Miller approach Martinez Rob Schroder and playfully place a stethoscope cup on the mayor’s chest. Miller told Schroder, “I’m trying to find your heartbeat! Oh, I forgot, you’re a Republican!” But Schroder is no longer a Republican, which came as news to Miller. Schroder re-registered as an independent more than a year ago.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    George Miller drifts into the Barbara Lee school of rhetoric–a kinder, gentler demagoguery. Garamendi seeks to brush up on his technique, learning from the master of Politically Correct Thought.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    As an invited columnist, I was sitting ~5 seats to the left of Lisa, and didn’t show my backside (moon) her little camera.
    None of the Republicans from Lafayette could make it to shout curses, or throw their shoes. That’s because
    as Rove said, they made a few mistakes in the DRIVE along the WAY.
    They make our economy the worst since the Great Depression, which antidepressants from their drug company cnntributors won’t cure.

  • DaringDennise

    Ralph no “republicans” made it as this was a secret meeting held behind closed doors and not announced to anyone who would do other than sux arse, a talent at which you are a pro.
    You were “invited” because you drink the koolaide.

    This “Celebration” was not announced on either reps sites nor were there press releases. They know to be ashamed of their actions and therefore hold these meetings in secret.

    They want taxpayer money, they just don’t listen to the 62% of Taxpayers that don’t want this boondoggle of Health Care Takeover.

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    First-time visitors to Washington can be forgiven for confusing Congress with the National Zoo. It’s the Monkey House and the Higher Apes on the other side.

  • Elwood

    Favorite Mark Twain quotes:

    “There is no permanent criminal class in this country except Congress.”

    “Suppose I’m a Congressman. Now suppose I’m an idiot. But I repeat myself.”