School funding rally set for Thursday in Pleasant Hill

The PTA will host a rally Thursday afternoon in Pleasant Hill for parents, students, teachers and community members worried about cuts to schools and children’s services.

The rally starts at 4:30 p.m. at College Park High School, 201 Viking Drive in Pleasant Hill.

Featured speakers include Saint Mary’s basketball star Omar Samhan and TV Survivor favorite Yau-Man Chan along with California State PTA President Jo Loss, Contra Costa County Superintendent of Schools Joseph Ovick and Diablo Valley College President Judy Walters. They will call for the state to adequately fund education.

State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, and Assemblymembers Joan Buchanan of Alamo, Nancy Skinner of Berkeley and Tom Torlakson of Antioch will also speak.

“Our schools and children’s services are facing the worst funding situation in over 30 years if the state doesn’t raise revenues,” says Nancy Vandell, vice president for education and legislation for the county-level 32nd District PTA, organizer of the event. “These cuts will affect classroom programs and threaten students’ preparation for college and careers.  We encourage everyone who supports education to attend this rally.”

The PTA will ask those who attend to sign letters to the governor, state legislator and the petition for the PTA-supported initiative, Local Control of Local Classrooms Funding Act.

For more information, visit www.32ndPTA.org.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Common Tater

    The people have elected a liberal tax-and-spend legislature for many years. Why should they now be surprised that we’re having a budget crisis?

    Their call is for the governor and the legislature to “raise revenues” as if that would solve the problem.

    I grew up on a farm and I noticed that every evening the chickens would come home to roost. Looks more and more like evening in California to me.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Common Tater, you watch FOX too much. Try switching to CBS, ABC, NBC, or the CSPANs once in a while. I grew up on a farm also. It’s things like deregulation of banks via ending Smoot-Halley, spending on Iraq and Afghanistan which overextended the American Empire, and political polarization caused by cable TV that has caused USA and CA budget crises. Both sides need to work together on ways to get the goose to lay the golden egg again, and get the rooster to visit the hen house.

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    I would also remind M. Hoffmann of the wise words of Country and Western entertainer Wayne Raney: “We need a nationwide revival, to put the love of God in our soul, we need a whole lot more of Jesus, and a lot less rock’n’roll.” (Btw, your reference to banking deregulation: You meant Glass-Steagall, which was ended in the 1990s. Hawley-Smoot was a protectionist tariff measure enacted in 1930.)

  • John W.

    Need more local control over schools, without the layers of federal/state/county bureaucracy. People are more willing to spend money on public education if they get to locally control how the money gets spent. That’s why so many parcel taxes have passed in spite of the two thirds hurdle.

  • Jason

    Hey Ralphie…better listen to Tater,

    Get rid of the Unions and we’ll all be really begin to be free.

    They’ve been crying this river for decades. We’ve been p i s s i n’ $$ down a rat-hole for years and NO RESULTS BUT WORSE.

    Why do we continue to sacrifice our kids to the alter of the teacher unions? Go ahead, call me names, whatever….my kids are going to private school and yours will be working for them one day…maybe.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Thanks, RR, for the correction of Glass-Steagall. Regarding God, many of our Founders were Athiests or agnostics. The government that governs best is that which is closest to the people. But Teacher Unions don’t even know how to walk a legal picket. My sons and I, all products of public schools, have multiple college degrees.

  • Mike F.

    Our kids will probably need to work outside of the “once Golden” State. Move public union pensions from defined benefit to defined contribution, then maybe we’ll start moving in the right direction on the school budget. Also, we spend too much on IT for the classroom. Kids in elementary school only need to focus on the fundamentals, which they are not getting. The allure of the IT equipment is just a crutch for the teacher. Get back to “reading, writing and arithmetic” and oh throw in some non-partisan history and things will be fine. Kids can learn to use computers (i.e. basic programming, not MS-Word) at the HS-level and they’ll be fine for college. As most kids learn computer skills through social networking and other activities.

    I’m ready to home school my kids instead of the public school district. I see home schooling networks that provide the social base, so its looking better all the time. Hopefully CA taxes will not devour my income, so I can send my kids onto De La Salle and Carondelet for high school.