Nerds rule, bores drool

Contra Costa County District IV supervisor candidate, engineer and member of the Contra Costa Central Sanitary Board Mike McGill plays up his nerdiness in a hilarious and clever campaign mailer (see below.)

And don’t think Mike had to go to a costume shop for his outfit. I’m sure it came from his closet!

This is a very effective mailer. It conveys McGill’s background in a very catchy manner. It portrays him — accurately — as a guy who is willing to poke a little fun at himself. And readers can’t help but read the serious stuff because it has pulled them into the piece.

McGill is running against Karen Mitchoff, Pleasant Hill mayor.

Here is the mailer:

Page 1

Page 1

Page 2

Page 2

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • hector ruez

    I think this county is in serious trouble. I don’t know either candidate but I do know two things:

    1.McGill has been on a Board that could have done something about the county pension scandal and he did nothing.

    2. I don’t want a clown representing me. He may think he has a cute ad, I think he is disrespectful of the voters.

    Hector Ruez

  • Mike F.

    What? How does his presence on the Contra Costa Sanitary Board relate to county pension plans, they are two seperate entities. I think the ad is cleaver and let’s us know that he’s out to reform the County pension plans that are sucking up the County budget. If left unchecked, we’ll soon have a bankrupt county.