Conservative hero pitches Poizner in new radio ad

Conservative hero and U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock, who has stood steadfastly behind Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner in his longshot bid for the governorship, makes a pretty effective appeal to conservatives in this 60-second radio ad.

It’s running statewide, and dovetails on a series of recent TV spots in which Poizner has effectively questioned front-runner Meg Whitman’s conservative credentials — and shaved off a good 20 points from the 50 percentage point-lead she held in polls until recently.

In the ad, McClintock, lashes out at Whitman, the billionaire ex-CEO of eBay who has poured $59 million of her personal wealth into the campaign so far, for “spending her eBay millions” in an attempt to buy the governorship, smearing Poizner along the way. And he ends by saying, “We don’t need to rebrand our principles. We need to return to them.”

Steven Harmon

  • Suzann Williams

    I believe in Steve. Being a democrate, I believe Steve put the people first.

    Suzann Williams