AG finds O’Malley committed no crime in DA race

The California Department of Justice found no evidence that former judge and Contra Costa District Attorney candidate Dan O’Malley violated campaign finance laws or was involved in a criminal conspiracy to unlawfully solicit campaign funds.

The complaint was filed by challenger and Contra Costa deputy district attorney Mark Peterson. He alleged that another attorney in the District Attorney’s office illegally advertised within the office an O’Malley campaign fundraiser and that O’Malley knew about it.

“I don’t think people are surprised about O’Malley not violating any campaign laws and I don’t think people are that surprised about Mark Peterson abusing his office in an attempt to smear a political opponent,” said Deputy District Attorneys Association President Barry Grove. The association has endorsed O’Malley.

Here is the letter from California Deputy Attorney General Geoffrey Lauter.

AG OMalley letter

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • REW

    Peterson has raised very little money for this race (see the CC Times web site for a list of campaign contributions to the candidates), and he hasn’t got the endorsements he needs to get elected either. The outgoing DA Bob Kochly has endorsed Judge O’Malley, as has the previous DA Gary Yancey. The Deputy DA’s association has also endorsed Judge O’Malley, as had most police officer associations in the county (see O’Malleys campaign web site). Judge O’Malley is geting support from everywhere. Given this, you can see why Peterson tied to smear O’Malley with these false charges, he has to try and get O’Malley’s negatives up somehow. Hitting your opponent in the heat of a campaign is a fairly normal political tactic, but you have to be accurate, you can’t just make false charges like this! Especially in a race for the DA’s office, this is a job that requires a lot of integrity. I think these false charges Peterson made will really back-fire on his candidacy.

  • JBR

    I followed “REW”‘s advice and viewed the campaign contributions. Yes, it does look like O’Malley has won the money race. Helps to be the son of the old DA, doesn’t it? Even if his scholastic credentials look pretty weak (SF State – BA; John F Kennedy – Law), O’Malley is the establishment candidate. Looks like he’ll owe a lot of favors to a lot of people, like the California Grand Casino in Pacheco, and lots of law firms!