Dems inject selves into GOP primary with ‘issues’ ad

Democrats are injecting themselves directly into the Republican primary with a so-called issues ad that is an obvious outright attack on GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.

It’s all under the guise of asking voters to sign a petition and call Congress to support a bill, Senate Bill 506, that would close a tax loophole that allows the wealth to hide assets in offshore tax havens like the Cayman Island and Bermude. Oh, by the way, Meg Whitman ironically is doing that very thing!

Though the state Republican Party sniffed at the sneaky, underhanded ploy, the Whitman campaign actually seemed quite pleased to see that the Democratic Party still views her to be the candidate to beat. After enduring a couple of rough weeks (see Poizner’s campaign video below)   …

that ended with Steve Poizner’s team crowing about moving to within 10 points of her, Whitman’s spinners seemed actually gleeful over her still being the target.

“It’s proof positive that they fear Meg Whitman as the only fiscal conservative in this race,” said Rob Stuzman, a senior adviser to the campaign. “And this is the evidence that Steve Poizner is clearly the preferred candidate the unions and Jerry Brown would like to face in November. They know he’s not electable and they can beat him in November and they don’t think he’s capable of reforming California.”

Steven Harmon