CD11: Goehring wants to thin ‘liberal’ herd

Brad Goehring

Brad Goehring

Congressional District 11 GOP candidate Brad Goehring is drawing fire for his confrontational Facebook statement today:

“If I could issue hunting permits, I would officially declare today opening day for liberals. The season would extend through November 2 and have no limits on how many taken as we desperately need to “thin” the herd.”

Check out all the comments; 57 when I looked a few minutes ago. (Sorry, the post has been deleted. I have a screen shot of it and I’m working to figure out how to post the image on the blog. LAV 3:23 p.m. Screen shot posted below. LAV 4:08 p.m.)

Okay, I doubt Goehring is seriously advocating that conservatives load up and shoot liberals with actual bullets. He later posts a response, “I intended to include the wording ‘we would use votes and not bullets’ (but) hit the share button by accident before I finished and decided to leave it, thinking it would not be taken in a literal sense. I’m sorry if I confused anyone.”

But really, it’s a poor joke.

It is an unnecessarily antagonistic statement that displays a lack of respect for people with differing political viewpoints from a man who wants to represent a district evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.

Goehring Facebook screenshot

Goehring Facebook screenshot

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • John W

    It would have been better if he had found some other way to be funny. However, this is not as incendiary as some of the stuff from folks like Sara Palin, Michele Bachman, Steven King of Iowa etc.

  • Freak of the Far Right

    How bout a Goehring fundraiser where we have a liberal shooting gallery and do it swat style through buildings and include a Tea Party rally for the patriots!! Ahuh!!

    Looks to me like old Brad Goehring has been eating to much venison or rubber chicken on the campaign trail.
    Maybe he should worry about thining himself out. How about a visit to Jenny Craig or taking a few more precinct walks before the election. This would do him some good.

    But seriously this is a rookie mistake by a rookie candidate. With comments like his he would make an interesting alternative to McNerney and a lot more fun than the usual boring Republicans we get running for CD11.

  • AJ

    I expect you to call out a Liberal next time for doing the same which happens a lot! I’ll be waiting…

  • DanielRandKai

    Really AJ? What fantasy world are you living in? You put up a list of all of the liberals propagating violence and I’ll do the same for the tea baggers and we’ll quickly see which list is longer. Also as a parting shot, Drill Baby Drill!

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    You let me know, A.J., when a liberal congressional candidate jokes about “shooting” conservatives, and I’ll post it.

  • JA

    Goehring, Palin and Bachmann have all used firearms references in their speech. They are pandering to the segment of their constituency that has been stockpiling millions of rounds of ammunition since Obama’s election. If you think some of those people do not intend to use that ammo to kill their neighbors, you are naive.
    The failure of more reasoned heads in the GOP to condemn such rhetoric only shows:
    a) There are no reasoned heads
    b) They want the shooting to start, too.

  • larry Dix


  • BobC562

    By the looks of his pictures, he could stand some thinning out himself…

  • parrsifal juniper

    I’m waiting for some right wing extremists to make the mistake of using violence. I know all the legal rules in protecting oneself from violence from another. You can use any amount of force against them legally if they initiated the same force even lethal. You will legally defend yourself and send them to jail at the same time.

  • Here’s hoping the vast majority of Americans will vast this kind of politics this November. The country really cannot afford having the Republicans in charge again. It’s going to take many many years to clean up the mess left behind by the Bush administration and the Republicans in the House & Senate.

  • That second “vast” was meant to be a “reject.”

  • “thinking it would not be taken in a literal sense”.
    Sure, and I have a bridge near New York to sell you…
    After having to read and listen to this sort of nonsense (complete with Liberal Hunting Permit posters and bumper stickers) from authoritarians for years, I think I can say a couple of things with certainty. One, this is eliminationist rhetoric, and the explanation for how it came to be posted is so thin that if a child or mine tried it, I would burst out laughing. Two, Brad Goerhing is an obnoxious authoritarian wanker.

  • Don

    I’ve been phone banking on behalf of McNerney. Just remember that McNerney beat Richard Pombo, for which sane people everywhere should be grateful. But this character
    not only looks like Pombo, he comes across as even more vicious. Guess that’s what 4 years of right-wing devolutio gets you.

    Please donate and help McNerney. That’s still the best answer. In money or if you’re in the district, in some volunteer time.


  • Richard Davison

    Brad I once had the occasion to visit with John Bishop of Davenport when he was the head of the American Nazi Party. Bishop rose to the throne after George Lincoln Rockwell suffered an untimely death. Like you, he too disliked the Democrats. It will be interesting to watch you during the campaign. I will definitely have my sights on you . Goering huh, where have I heard that name before?

  • Steve

    Goehring calling for violent solutions? Hmmm, where have I heard this before….?

  • DR

    It’s not a joke, it’s red meat. He’s *trying* to get his crowd violent, because he knows it’s the kind of mindset which will maintain anger even in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence.

    And the GOP *needs* that anger, even if it’s completely idiotic, misdirected and baseless anger, because they have no platform and no accomplishments to point to in their record.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Brad is just looking for an all-natural male enhancement product (a job), so he can increase the size of his you-know-what (wallet). If he gets it, he will be bigger and better than ever before. (a member of the gang of 535) See Lisa’s top-of-the-fold article in today’s print CCT.

  • I was Born and Raised in California, had to leave when they elected the bad actor, for Gov. When will Californians realize that the financial trouble they are in as a state is due to the criminal right wing abuse of there own citizens in California. Want to know if that is truth or not. Look at the people that colluded with Enron, are they hurting financially. All one has to do is look at the picture of gluttony that Brad Goehring presents. Hunt liberals indeed, I doubt that Goehring has ever done anything that didn’t entail his getting and someone else losing, probably someone who couldn’t afford it. The fact that he would even say something like that, and state it in public makes him a sick puppy. The only audience he deserves is a parking lot full of cockroaches. Another in a long line of self serving gluttons.

  • stech

    Randi Rhodes:
    Repeat offender
    Radio host who ran bit threatening Bush
    joked about killing president 1 year ago
    Posted: April 28, 2005
    11:00 am Eastern

    © 2010 WorldNetDaily.com

    Randi Rhodes, the leftist talk-radio host who found herself in hot water yesterday for airing a skit that warned President Bush with gunfire, has joked about assassinating the commander in chief before.

    Last May, Rhodes, who hosts a show on the struggling Air America network, imitated the sound of gunfire while saying somebody ought to take the president fishing and then shoot him.

    On May 12, New York Daily News columnist Michael Goodwin wrote a piece criticizing Air America, saying he had listened to the liberal radio network one day for 10 hours.

    Air America’s Randi Rhodes

    “The queen of venom, Randi Rhodes, followed [Al] Franken in the host slot,” Goodwin wrote. “Her imitation of a cracker military type telling a soldier to ‘insert this fluorescent light bulb into that man’s buttocks’ was revolting. She compared U.S. prisons in Iraq to the ‘Nazi gulag’ and said, ‘The day I say thank you to Rumsfeld is the same day I’ll say thank you to the 12 people who raped me.’

    Goodwin then notes Rhodes compared Bush and his family to the Corleones in the “Godfather” saga.

    A review of the show’s recording reveals Rhodes said the following in a discussion with a caller:

    “The Fredo of the family is the president of the United States, so why doesn’t his father or his brother … take him out for a little fishing, and let him say some Hail Marys – he loves God so much. … You know, Hail Mary, full of grace, God is with thee – pow [gunshot sound] – works for me.”

  • Alz

    Considering some of the stuff from Liberals, his statements are pretty tame.

  • jdc

    Where was the rightous indignation from the left when movies are made about assasinating a sitting president (bush) what about hanging him in effigy? The left is populated with sissys and crybabies who can dish it out but cant take it.

  • mc Fowler

    You want to “thin” something? Try laying off of the doughnuts and shutting your fat pie hole – unless you actually have any constructive ideas.

  • RetiredCPO

    Looks like SOMEBODY’s campaign just took one in the boiler room. Nice shooting Brad! Thanks for thinning the electoral herd!

  • Stagger Lee

    I fear for all of you that buy the, “I was only kidding” and the “can’t you take a joke” excuses when these nutbars spew this hate. These aren’t slips of the tongue, it’s how they really feel. If push ever comes to shove our side will find it is seriously out gunned and easily herded into boxcars for the fascist right’s “final solution” to the liberal problem.

  • Dr. Matt

    There is no difference between teabaggers and radical Muslims. Both are deeply conservative and both adhere to terrorism. Both hate liberalism and proudly murder liberals. Both are hell bent at destroying America. Both hate women. Both hate change. Both want to live in theological nations. Both believe it’s ok to murder in the name of religion. Both refuse to accept differing views, political ideologies, or religions.

  • At least he supports the 2nd Amendment.

  • Chris

    asshole (R)- all of you have that in common. unbelievable he’s not in jail?

  • John W

    Wow! I usually react pretty strongly to this stuff. But, for some reason, Goehring’s juvenile “humor” didn’t set me off as much as it did most of the above commenters. #23 jdc makes a fair point about the assassination movie. That said, I don’t know what it is about conservatives and guns. It seems that the only time they manage to avoid references to using guns in their speeches is when they are too busy calling Obama a Marxist.

  • Dr. Matt

    Considering some of the stuff from Liberals,


    Who would Jesus threaten to murder?

  • Harriet

    This is the best our country has to offer..to serve his or her constituency???? How about some ideas?
    How about some critical thinking?
    This guy has got to be a joke, right?

  • Elwood

    My, that certainly got the liberals panties in a twist, didn’t it?


  • Nunuv Yerbiznezz

    Herr Göring [sic], if you come knocking on my door with some campaign literature, I’ve got a broadsword I’d like to introduce you to.

    Hey, not really, I’m not even in your state – let alone district – but hey, I’m just sayin’…introduction, not intimate encounter. Don’t take it wrong, now – sorry if I confused you.

  • Mack

    Just donated to Jerry McNerney. money for Jerry. Jenny Craig for YOU! What a dumb statement

  • Chris T

    So Republican voters think Brad Goehring is “one of us”, huh? Brad “open season on liberals” Goehring…

    Let me tell you something ya ignorant, degenerate Conservative wackos. You pathetic morons have been blaming Liberals ever since Limbaugh came on the public airwaves… What makes me hate you fools so much is that while you were blaming Liberals and pretending to be “Great Americans”… the Republicans you voted into power ravaged and expatriated most of our nation’s wealth and resources.

    You can tell that Nazi Goehring that some bad-@$$ Progressives are coming to pay him a visit. I want to see if this fascist has the balls to say that “Open season on Liberals” bullshit to our faces… #*~/’n COWARDS!

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    See what you started, Lisa! This keeps going and going and going, like an Everready battery. We don’t even live in CD-11. You really should stop by Troi Wierdsma’s Continuing Cosmetology Academy at The MERCER for an inexpensive haircut, and get some Dutchman Doo Gel for your husband.

  • Elwood

    Oh, my!

    Panties in a knot like this must be REALLY uncomfortable.

  • Robin Smith

    GOP politics now: “If you can’t beat ’em, shhot ’em!”

  • The stupidity of using the phrase ” is drawing fire” in the intro to this piece that’s supposed to be condemning a guy for using a gun metaphor is self-evident. Whoever used it is foolish beyond belief.

    That line “is drawing fire” provides the ideal defense for Goehring to say it was just a metaphor. Tighten up!

  • Ron Weissenberger

    You should think about thinning out your stomach first…!

  • SDL in TN

    Speaking as a liberal who was quite literally hunted in the sanctuary of the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist church (Knoxville, TN) two summers ago, I can say categorically that I do not find Goehring’s joke funny.

    It was a stupid joke to begin with, but the eliminationist overtones make it completely unacceptable. He needs to actually apologize, not say “I’m sorry if you misunderstood me.”

  • steve weir

    Wow, I had no idea so many people followed this blog.

    Hay, how about them Sharks?

  • electriclady281

    The right-wing crazies are on the march! Look out, US, you could become a totalitarian state.

  • John W

    Well, at least Goehring managed to get himself some exposure on the cable newstalk channels. Pleaasse Republicans, let this guy be your nominee.


    Crackers, christlings, and fascists aren’t the only ones with guns. If this guy or anyone else declares ‘open season’ on me, I’ll blow his brains out.

  • Elwood

    Re: #50

    That’s the worst case of panties in a bunch I’ve ever seen.

    The worst thing about this thread is that it brings out the blood lust in the loony left.

  • Truthclubber

    Two words for the only person who benefits from all this overblown crap: David Harmer (who is practicing reciting the phrase “Congressman-elect” at this very moment…)

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Hey, Steve, I have lots of followers! C’mon. Let’s keep up my morale, at least! (lol)

  • Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Some guy named Goerhing want to politically cleanse the country! Goerhing should read up about another Goering who thought the same thing in another country 70-80 years ago.

  • You know the old phrase, “The apple does not fall far from the tree”. I heard Brad’s daughter say, “If Obama gets elected president, he will just get assassinated anyway”. Sounds like a dinner conversation that a young person has been indoctrinated with politically, philosophically, and unfortunately psychologically. I feel sorry that a family is headed by a person with obvious radical views and is a loose cannon. Pretty scary to think a person like Brad could be in Congress. These are the same people that believe in the rogue mentality of sarah palin. Yikes!!!!!!

  • Chad Goehring

    At least he has that testicals to say what’s on his mind…when was the last time u saw an honest politition???Think on that!!!And I say”No need to thin ’em out…when WW3 breaks out they’ll just cower…allmost like the french!!!”