Contra Costa DA candidates spar

The two leading candidates for Contra Costa District Attorney, Dan O’Malley and Mark Peterson, delivered fireworks this morning in a debate sponsored by the Sunrise Rotary Club in Walnut Creek.

Peterson, a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office, repeatedly referred to O’Malley’s status as a private defense attorney and his ties to current county management. O’Malley hammered home the fact that numerous groups and individuals who know both men, such as the outgoing District Attorney Bob Kochly and the district attorney’s union, have chosen to endorse O’Malley.

The third candidate, Elle Falahat, didn’t show. Despite having agreed to appear a month ago, she emailed organizers last night and said she had a schedule conflict. It’s the second debate she has ducked and she refused to commit to a third.  Does she sound like a serious contender?

Catch my video below.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • John W


    Has your newspaper endorsed anybody in the DA race? I don’t remember seeing anything.

  • Elwood

    Who the hell is Ellie Farthat?

  • Elle Falahat website info is http://ellefalahatforda.com/bio/

  • REW

    Judge O’Malley is far more qualified for the job than Mark Peterson. O’Malley has a backround as a Prosecutor, a Judge, and now as an attorney in private practice, giving him a breadth of experience Peterson lacks. This is why, I think, outgoing DA Bob Kochly, former DA Gary Yancey, Sherrif Warren Rupf, and all these City police officer associations are backing him. He’s the superior candidate, by a country mile.
    Really, City Councilman Mark Peterson is a longtime politician, having run for Concord City Council five or six times. I think the average voter understands that being a back-slapping City Councilman type doesn’t transfer over to a job like the elected DA. This is not a job for a blowhard politician, you want to have a savvy, experienced person in this job – one with close ties to the law enforcement community, which O’Malley has, as evidenced by all the support he’s getting from the law enforcement community. His experience a a longtime prosecutor, a Judge, and now as a private attorney gives him the edge, I think.