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Jerry Brown is… IRON MAN

By Josh Richman
Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 at 6:37 pm in 2010 governor's race, Jerry Brown.

Per the folks at SFist, Robert Downey Jr. – thankfully not sporting the lounge-lizardy facial hair he sports as Tony Stark in current box-office blockbuster “Iron Man 2” – was among those joining state Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown last night at the San Francisco home of billionaire oil heir Gordon Getty and his wife, Ann, for a fundraiser to benefit the Oakland School for the Arts, a charter school Brown launched during his Oakland mayoral tenure. See photographer Drew Altizer’s pics here.

Jerry Brown as Iron ManNo doubt Brown will be trying to channel Downey’s/Iron Man’s Marvel-ous mojo in trying to win over Californians’ votes this November. “See our hero’s armor protect him against the deep chill of criticisms of his prior gubernatorial track record! See his repulsor rays blast through the two-thirds majority rule! See him demonstrate his chest arc reactor as an AB 32-compliant clean energy source! Watch him rocket thousands of miles off-message!” (Oh, wait, he doesn’t need super-armor for that last one.)

Which raises the question of which Marvel hero/villain (depending on your voter registration, dear reader) as whom we’ll cast Meg Whitman or Steve Poizner. I’ll leave that entirely in your hands.

UPDATE @ 3:08 P.M. FRIDAY: This just in from Bettina Inclan, spokeswoman for state Insurance Commissioner and Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner:

“If he is Iron Man, then Steve is Batman: a rich guy, an engineer, he builds things, he fixes things,” she said. “And I think Meg Whitman is Two-Face: We keep on catching her in lie after lie after lie.”

UPDATE @ 4:07 P.M. FRIDAY: The ball is in the Whitman campaign’s court… any takers?

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  • Bobby

    Is he still alive? Let’s hope not. We have had enough of the unions and illegals, I am not voting for this man.

  • Elwood

    Good sense of humor, Josh!

  • Erik N. Nelson

    Funny, the last time I read Iron Man comics, JB was dating Linda Ronstadt and running California, perhaps not in that order.