CD11: Goehring denounces threats

Brad Goehring

Brad Goehring

Congressional District 11 GOP primary candidate Brad Goehring is blasting the assault on his campaign in the wake of his provocative Facebook posting, where he declared “open season” on liberals and urged supporters to “thin the herd.”

His campaign manager has received death threats and threats of bodily harm, Goehring says.

“Attack me, not my staff!” Goehring said.

Yes, the candidate’s hunting metaphor was in very poor taste and he brought the full brunt of the liberal blogosphere down on himself.  (On the other hand, it may even turn out to be a good fundraiser if it inspires his supporters to get out their checkbooks.)

But Goehring’s Facebook post does not justify threats of personal attacks.

If you don’t like Goehring’s politics, don’t vote for him. Or send money to one of the other candidates. Or do both.

But everyone should immediately denounce and reject the use of threats of physical intimidation or harm against any candidate and his or her staff.

Nutjobbers exist on both ends of the political spectrum but we cannot allow them to co-opt civil discourse.

GOP Congressional Candidate Challenges Violent Detractors and Takes on Radical left smear machine

Stockton (CA) -Recently a message by Congressional Candidate Brad Goehring on his Facebook page was taken out of context. The message was simply a metaphor for this: radical leftists are waging war against the constitution, and conservatives need to take Congress back by defeating as many extreme socialists as possible on November 2nd. The hunting metaphor used was twisted completely by detractors including the liberal blog-machine.  The visceral attacks have been violent, racist, reckless and dangerous.
The level of systematic intimidation has gone to a new level with Goehring’s Campaign Manager David Creager having received death threats and threats of physical harm.
Brad Goehring has one message for all of them:  Attack me, not my staff.
“Enough is enough,” said Goehring. “Attack me, but on the issues.  This is one more example of radical progressives trying to silence dissent through intimidation. I am up for this fight and won’t back down because the future of our country is at stake. The far left in this country have gone too far once again.  They head right for the smear machine to intimidate conservatives into silence while they spend us into bankrupt socialism-like Greece and other European nations- and take away our freedoms.   Maybe it’s not politically correct but I won’t back down for calling for the defeat of as many liberals as possible on November 2nd and stopping their radical agenda.”
Goehring called out those left wing elements using the politics of personal destruction to protect their socialist agenda.
“I understand if people want to attack me.  I’m standing against the far left and they will do anything to keep dismantling our Constitution and capitalist system.  They threaten and intimidate by trying to label me a Nazi due to my namesake’s heritage. My father served in the Korean War, and his brothers all served in World War II. My Uncle was one of two survivors in his company in the Pacific,” Goehring said.
“They deserve better than having their name slandered because of their German descent, especially in light of their contributions to protecting our liberty and right to speak freely.  I know the radicals will continue to attack me because I am a threat to their big government socialist agenda.  I wear the smears and cheap shots of Daily Kos, Jerry McNerney, the leftist bloggers and Keith Olbermann as a badge of honor.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen