Second mailer in CoCo sheriff’s race revealed

The campaign of sheriff’s candidate Brian Kalinowski sent over the mailer that his opponent, David Livingston, was apparently worried about. (See my earlier post about Concord Police Chief Livingston’s pre-emptive mailer about mud-slinging.)

It asks the question, “Which of these two men is fit to be Sheriff?” and lists Livingston’s legal troubles in Concord, where he has been named in three sexual discrimination lawsuits.

Here is the mailer, which should start hitting mailboxes today or tomorrow:

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • MichaelS

    Poor Brian Kallinowski. He has to resort to this junk? He quotes right out of the lawsuit from ambulance chasing Stan Casper. Same guy who sued Concord and the then-chief 10 years ago: same women again! Brian calls these “superior court documents” but they are really just from Casper’s ridiculous lawsuits. How about telling the whole truth and reporting the absolute denials and the city’s side of all of this? No of course not, that would require integrity. By the way, he also quotes Mr. “biased” Borenstein, from a Times column! Come on Brian, we know you’re desperate but this is a joke. (Oh, and they beat you to the punch with their spot-on mudslinging mailer).

  • Common Tater

    Michael is absolutely correct. A “court document” can be any darn thing said in court no matter how ridiculous. BK then takes it out of any kind of context and says, “Golly gee! It’s out of a real court document!”

    BK is not fit to be elected.


    Livingston is a disaster waiting to happen. Hes like a ticking time bomb! don’t vote him in!!! It will be your worse regret.

  • Common Tater

    Hi Brian,

    How ya doin’?

  • KS

    Brian ran for re-election in Antioch and now runs for the next political office he can find. His hit piece NEVER mentions he is on the Antioch council! He cannot promote on his own merit so he runs for the top job in the Sheriff Department. Looks at his website, the only endorsements he has are “former” this and “retired” that. Look at Livingston’s: Sheriffs, D.A., Police Chiefs, Every Police Union in the County, Fire Men and Women, real elected leaders, etc. etc. Even the people who worked for him in the PAST still support him. Don’t be swayed by 2 1/2 problem children from Concord. This is a no brainer. Brian needs to stay and clean up the mess he created in that dump known as Antioch State Prison. Come on folks…

  • Bailey

    Bring back Dick Rainey!

  • CoCoDeputy

    Livingston has no bussiness being Sheriff. He has literally never been a deputy or police officer in this county. The last time he worked a beat was in Fremont and that was 20 years ago.

    Brian Kalinowski on the other hand has spent his entire career as a cop in Contra Costa County. He has worked in every area of the county and in every division of the Sheriff’s Office. He is clearly more qualified to run the Sheriff’s Office.

    Furthermore, Kalinowski doesn’t bring the drama of multiple pending lawsuits that are a direct result of Livingston’s poor management practices.

    Contra Costa County does not need the drama that Concord Police Department is going through. Vote for Kalinowski.

  • Pat Sharon

    So let me get this straight. Livingston sent out a pre-emptive mailer attacking Kalinowski because he suspected that Kalinowski was going to send out a mailer slinging mud at him?? What kind of leadership is that? How about simply answering some questions about the issues brought up in K’s mailer. If it’s baseless mudslinging, prove it. That should be simple enough! Is this how we can expect Livingston to behave when things get tough at the Sheriff’s Office? And then to add insult to injury, Livingston and his cronies have the audacity to label Kalinowski a politician because he serves as a part time councilperson in his hometown while working 50+ hours a week as a Lieutenant in the Sheriff’s Office (an office that Livingston knows NOTHING about). I guess using that criteria, Livingston would label me a child care provider, bartender, marriager counselor, or gardener rather than a police officer! Kalinowski is a working Lieutenant in the very Sheriff’s Office that Livingston aspires to lead and he calls him a politician? That’s simply outrageous and the epitome of mud slinging. Answer some questions Dave….we the voters are waiting. I guess there’s a reason that the officers at Concord call you Chief Leavingsoon!

  • Arne Simonsen

    Lisa, you also need to post that flyer sent out by Livingston’s campaign which, IMHO, was “below the belt”.

    Having worked with Brian on the Antioch City Council for 8 years; and yes, we have different political philosophies, we never attacked one another when we both ran for Council.

    Brian is an honorable man, understands the political side of being Sheriff, and if he can work with me, he can work with anyone!

    Brian has my endorsement, vote and support.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    I did post the Livingston mailer titled “mudslinging” in an earlier post. Is there another mailer I missed?

  • Arne Simonsen

    No, you got ’em all, Lisa. Unfortunately, I started with your latest post and worked my way back; that’s when I found that you had already posted Livingston’s “preemptive” mailer lol

  • OWarring


    Livingston’s people only sent out their piece when they found out Brian was going to go negative and start slinging mud. You know that. It was Brianwho is unethical here. Tramutola calls the lawyer’s words “Superior Court Documents” to mislead voters into thinking they are some official court records. They are ONE SIDE’S trumped up and inflammatory language and you know it. How about saying Concord denies all of it, they are fighting it, and the truth will be known in court? Because that would be honest. Brian is desperate, everyone knows it, so he spends his money on hit pieces. Kudos to Livingston’s people for beating him to the punch. Oh, and it’s nice to see you are one of his sad list of “former” and “retired” official supporters.

  • Pat Sharon

    So to recap….Kalinowski’s mailer is one-sided and trumped up because he is desperate yet Livingston’s pre-emptive mailer (which labels Kalinowski a mud slinger) deserves kudos?? Speaking of sad “former” and “retired” supporters, nice pictures of Christine Dean, Dr. Laura, and some Veterinary Tech passing herself off as a nurse. Keep drinking that Kool-aid!
    Still waiting for answers Chief Livingston…..June 8th is right arouind the corner!

  • John W

    Most voters, self included, are in no position to evaluate which, if either of these candidates is fit for the job. It’s not like voting for a legislative office. If we screw up, it can really affect the quality of life in the county. I voted. Now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  • patty s

    Dave Livingston could have hit below the belt but he doesn’t seem to resort to these dirty tactics. He could have sent out fliers saying Kalinowski’s own mother who worked for the department sued Contra Consta County claiming mental illness. Here is the link if you don’t believe it: http://www.cosipa.org/MembersOnly/Legal/larch.htm

  • Pat Sharon

    HE JUST DID!! Kalinowski just got 2 votes in my house. How in the world do you cry about mudslinging and then post a link to documents about the other guy’s mom? BTW….why do you have access to these documents in the members only section of the website?

    You guys in the Livingston camp must really be worried or is this business as usual for you? C’mon Chief, you need to reign in these knuckleheads. The Sheriff’s office is quite a bit bigger than CPD and strong fair leadership is a must. Political dirty tricks are not a good substitute for proper leadership!

  • Concordstrongman

    Hey Pat, All you have to do is type in Sally Larch and it shows up in any google search for the whole world to see. It has made case law and you don’t have to be a member to find it. You must be living under a rock…

  • Concordstrongman

    You gotta admit that is a bit hypocritical. His mother being a former Deputy Sergeant suing Contra Costa. Rofl. Here’s another one Pat: http://www.dir.ca.gov/WCAB/1998-spd2.pdf

  • Pat Sharon

    I guess I don’t follow your logic. How does Kalinowski’s mother suing the county and his mailer pointing out Livingston’s pending legal issues become hypocritical? One could argue (I am not) that Kalinowski should have used the lawsuit information to bolster his argument that the good ol boys network is alive and well in both the Sheriff’s Office and CPD, and that change is needed. The only hypocrisy I see is the Livingston camp accusing Kalinowski of mud slinging and then posting links to his mom’s lawsuit!
    As far as living under a rock goes, ask the fine young men and women of Concord PD about how that feels. They not only live under one,they get hit with one if they speak up.

  • copz1998

    Gee Brian, what a mature and intellectual flyer – find a negative photo of your competitor and publish it. Perhaps we can locate a few of you; that would be stooping to a hit below the belt (like you did). Perhaps the phrase “simple is as simple does” applies here. Simply ignore that you are unqualified and/or that your opponent is substantially more qualified than you are. Instead, try to sway the public’s opinion by publishing a cheap photo; forget the facts and vote for me!

    You are pathetic.