CoCo deputy sheriffs smack Mister Phillips

The Contra Costa Deputy Sheriffs’ Association will drop a mailer today (see below) slapping around county supervisor candidate Mister Phillips over his run-in with law enforcement last year.

Phillips found himself crosswise with deputies at a Montalvin Manor neighborhood murder-suicide scene and ended up in the pokie. Phillips subsequently complained about being mistreated at the county jail — too cold, TV too loud, dirty bathroom — but an investigation concluded only that the deputies swore at him.

The sheriffs’ association is particularly incensed at Phillips’ statements during the arrest, in which he told the officers he was running for supervisor and arresting him was a “big mistake.”

“This clearly showed a misplaced sense of importance and was an irresponsible act for a person who says he’s ready to lead,” said Sheriffs’ Association President Jim Bickert. “They are not the actions of a person we would ever support for county supervisor.”

It is unclear why the association would bother going after Phillips. He has had plenty of controversy around his candidacy but few endorsements, little money and is running against a veteran and popular incumbent, John Gioia.

And I can only speculate as to why an independent expenditure committee called the Contra Costa Coalition for Jobs would pay for the mailer. (See the small print on the bottom of the second page.) Its top funder is BI Land LLC, a company owned by Tassajara Valley landowner Samir Kawar.

But the most obvious link is Tom Koch, who is working on Kawar’s development proposal for the Tassajara Valley. Business interests most likely want to make double-sure that voters’ anti-incumbent mood does not produce unintended consequences and place an unconventional individual into office.

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Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • daniel

    Lisa, I think the incident with Mr. Phillips was in Montalvin Manor.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Lisa, when are you going to write about the DA race? It seems the Only REPUBLICAN (The other two candidates
    are Liberal Democrats.) in this race, gives names of his only two named supporters in his Candidate Statement, candidates for the State Legislature who are Liberal Democrats.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    You are right. Thanks for the catch!

  • Brian D. Eubanks

    Mister Phillips is an Attorney that I sat down with in September 2009. I had a civil suit to file which I needed additional legal input on. He offered up to me sound legal advice. His Law expertise was spot on.
    I won my case in pro-per standing before a Special Master Judge; brought in from another county. I must mention that the individual who I sued is a former California Highway Patrol Officer. He stood in collusion with out-of-town police officers to obstruct justice. This Defendant who has already lost to me in court holds contracts with the city of Richmond, RPD and the CHP, among others. My suit consisted of my having to prove the destruction of physical evidence connected to a criminal matter, cronyism,
    Governmental Misconduct, accessory to attempted murder on my person twice in one day, evidence tampering and a host of other unsavory actions. Mister Phillips could have said, “Sorry, not interested.” But he didn’t.
    He gave me the Law from his mouth as it was written in the Book. And he was right.
    And now my Defendant has
    a Bench Warrent for his
    Arrest. No Lies. Case # RSC09- 0671 I contacted the NAACP, ACLU, and the E.lectronic F.rontier F.oundation So if the question is does Mister
    Phillips have what it takes to be apart of Contra Costa County Government? My answer is, of course. I’m curious though as to why Sheriff’s bothered him. As I recall, his demeanor in his office was calm, he remained professional at all times and was soft spoken. Mister Phillips is more than an Attorney. He’s a striking example of how-to-be. The Man Bicycle’s to his office in Downtown Pinole. When he’s only 99% sure on someting; he goes to the books for that last 1% assurance. And when he gives his service as an Attorney, he gives his 110% and nothing less. It would be foolish to underestimate the capiblities of the Man by the name of Mister Phillips. And if he should run for another position in the years to come,
    (If its ethical to do so)if he mails leaflette’s to “ALL” his former clients;………….. he will win. Period.