CoCo supervisor race heats up

Contra Costa supervisor candidate and Pleasant Hill Mayor Karen Mitchoff is throwing a few elbows this week with a mailer targeting her opponent, Mike McGill.

She plays off McGill’s clever ads that brand him as a glasses-wearing nerd, just the kind of guy a voter wants handling the books, right?

Mitchoff hammers McGill, an elected member of the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District board, for the agency’s sewer rate hikes and its generous retirement benefits.

I’m not sure the mailer quite works, though. At first glance, it almost looks like it could be a McGill-sponsored mailer with its image of black glasses. A voter will have to take the time to turn the mailer over and read the details in order to get the point she is trying to make.

Here is the mailer plus her companion, feel-good flier that went out.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Bill P.

    I don’t think that Ms. Mitchoff is believable when she says that she will reform Contra Costa County’s pension system. She likes to brag that she has so much “experience” as then-Supervisor Mark DeSaulnier’s chief of staff. Yet DeSaulnier was a cheerleader for the fall 2002 Board of Supervisors vote that adopted the disastrous “3% at 50” pension system that is now crippling the county. Essential services are being cut so that overpaid county employees can enjoy exorbitant pensions, thanks to DeSaulnier’s, Glover’s and Gioia’s irresponsible vote back in 2002. If Ms. Mitchoff truly believes that the pension system is so troubled, then she should do the honorable thing and publicly denounce Mr. DeSaulnier and other members of the Board of Supervisors for that ill-advised 2002 vote (bearing in mind that she was the primary “adviser” to Sup. DeSaulnier). A candidate who claims, “Vote for me! I have more experience!” cannot later cry crocodile tears later and say, “My mentor and I were so, so fooled on that 2002 pension vote! But trust me next time!” Mitchoff strikes me as another political hack who is just an interchangeable cog in the “Big Labor”/DeSaulnier/Torlakson/Bonilla political machine. She is just saying whatever will get herself elected. Her true loyalties are not with the people, but with the “machine.” A reformer she is not.

  • Mike F.

    Agreed with Bill P. She announces a run for County Supv. without even finishing her 1st term on Pleasant Hill City Council, who also made her Mayor just to elevate her status. She has yet to even complete a term as Mayor. She’s a county employee who benefits from the current system, we can’t expect her to be a hardball negotiator. She points at McGill as having problems too, really? Spiking of the retirement system is only a symptom of the problems the County faces, even nationally syndicated radio host Bob Brinker of “Money Talk” called out the ridiculous structure of the Contra Costa County retirement system. The system is gobbling up the County budget. County unions support Mitchoff because she poses no real change – it will continue to be business as usual with her.

  • Wendy Lack

    Bill P. is right on.
    Mitchoff is the “business as usual” candidate whose lackluster political career supporting Big Labor/Big Government speaks for itself.

    Given the County’s financial ills — resulting from County Supervisors’ approval of unaffordable labor contracts — Mitchoff’s labor-funded candidacy is a pathetic joke. Hmmmm . . . except that the sensation of drowning in CoCoCo’s sea of red ink really isn’t very funny.

  • Give us some credit McGill.

    While you pack the comments section with your buddies comments,what you conveniently didn’t say was that Mitchoff hadn’t worked for DeSaulnier for years prior to the 2002 pension give away. You are holding her responsible for something she had nothing to do with.

    The bigger question is why is McGill disrespecting the voters by minimizing his raising sewer rates, taking no action as an elected official about pensions and playing the childish “Nerd ” theme?

    I’d like a real grown up as supervisor.

  • Mike F.

    I support McGill. Am I his buddy? I’ve met him twice and we’re not buddies. Mitchoff, I’ve met far more than twice. Bottom line, she’s a county employee funded by Labor interests.

    She speaks in platitudes. She doesn’t reveal what she can or will do to fix things, other than she’s ready on day one because she works at the County, is Mayor of Pleasant Hill and knows people. Sounds like business as usual to me. She’s got her head in the clouds, so bring on the nerd.