DA candidate Falahat vows to stop ‘sex club’ talk

Contra Costa District Attorney candidate Elle Falahat sure knows how to wake up the room.

After delivering a dull 10-minute drill last night on the history of jurisprudence in the United States to a group of criminal justice students at ITT Institute in Concord, Falahat mentioned, “Anal Sex Club.”

Whoa nelly! She had our attention now.

Among the reasons Falahat decided to run for office, she told the students, was the alleged super-sex-charged atmosphere in the District Attorney’s Office.

“There are sex clubs in the District Attorney’s office, anal sex clubs, to be specific,” Falahat said. “And also something that I, to be honest, didn’t know what was it means, I had to look it up, is ‘manscaping,’ and that senior management talk about it in the office.” (I had to look it up, too. My goodness.)

Falahat pointed the finger at both her opponents, Contra Costa Deputy District Attorney Mark Peterson and private attorney and former Deputy District Attorney Dan O’Malley, saying they are members of the “good old boy club” who are unlikely to challenge the sexist culture.

Keep in mind, there is no sex club at the DA’s office. It was a bad, inappropriate joke that apparently circulated among some staffers who conducted a highly, informal survey on sexual experiences. It was more along the lines of the Mile High Club, as in, “Hey, are you a member of the Anal Sex Club?”

The allegations originated in court documents filed by the attorney for Michael Gressett, the former district attorney charged with the rape of another deputy district attorney.

Watch video of her speech below. If you want to skip past the jurisprudence history, the good stuff starts about 11 minutes, 20 seconds.

The videos of the other speakers are also posted below, including Peterson, O’Malley and sheriff candidates Brian Kalinowski and David Livingston.

Click here to read CCT reporter Robert Salonga’s story on the sheriff’s candidates.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Elwood

    I’m voting for Ellie Farthat!

    Stamp out anal sex clubs!

  • Ralph Hoffmann, Previously Invited Columnist

    As a June 8, 2010 California Election Official, I decline to comment on the grounds it may tend to incriminate me.

  • REW

    No wonder Falahat has been skipping the DA debates, with comments like this. This is something Rosanna Dana Dana would have said on the old Saturday night Live.

  • John W

    I was in the jury pool for a murder case tried by Mark Peterson. He doesn’t seem like the A-S-C type. But next time I’m called for jury duty, in the event I don’t want to serve, I know what subject to mention during questioning for jury selection.

  • Tom

    When you think about, it makes sense that guys interested in that sort of thing would gravitate to the profession containing the highest percentage of a–holes.

  • Mike F.

    She’s got a lot of fire, but experience does matter. I would’ve liked to have seen her perform at other debates. Finally got to hear her opinions, rather than that of Marc K. in her commercial. I don’t agree with everything she says, esp. revision of the third strike, but she can be compelling.

  • That policy is made and enforced at the DA office level is beginning to sink in (whether the death penalty is sought being a big one, environmental crime and civil rights laws being enforced). In the few forums we have had in my race (San Bernardino County–land of Wyatt Earp, Bobbie Seal), you’d be surprised how little people understand about the job. On my blog I have tried to update on the campaign and educate as things have gone on. Good to see another aggressive campaign. There are three in the race in our county.

  • ted ford

    what are the candidates views on third strike prosecutions of non-violent crimes. The DA has discretion to prosecute as either misdemeanor or felony. What’S the point of incarcerating people for a mandatory 25 year to life sentence for a property crime? It costs $50k per year to keep these people in prison. Why are the important issues not being discussed.

    to call the sex club issue a red herring is an insult to herrings. If the DA’s office were a law firm, any lawyer or staff circulating the “sex surveys” would be out the door.

  • Voter

    Mark Peterson seems to be the ONLY candidate who specifically told us his “plan.”

    He did not just say he had a plan like some of the other candidates, but Mark Peterson actually went into detail:
    – What his plan is;
    – How his plan will work;
    – What benefits his plan would bring once implemented;

    No wonder why Mark Peterson has been leading in the polls. He won June’s election by 19,000 votes.