CD11: Was Harmer bailed out?

David Harmer

David Harmer

Stockton Record columnist Michael Fitzgerald published today a very interesting piece on CD11 Republican primary candidate David Harmer.

By Michael Fitzgerald
Record Columnist
May 26, 2010 12:00 AM

Republican congressional candidate David Harmer denounces bailouts, the stimulus package and Obamacare. But did he accept a bailout of his own?

Harmer, a small-government conservative, is vying for the Republican nomination to run against Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, in the 11th congressional district.

At his Stockton breakfast, as most campaign stops, Harmer blasted “the so-called stimulus that has not stimulated anything but government spending and federal debt.”

Declared Harmer, “We’re disgusted by it.”

Harmer’s brush with the bailout was more than ideological. Before flipping his hat into the ring for the 11th District seat, he worked for Washington Mutual.

An attorney, Harmer worked ensuring WaMu complied with federal credit regulations.

WaMu went belly-up in the mortgage meltdown. The bank was acquired by JPMorgan Chase.

JPMorgan Chase received $25 billion in federal bailout money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP.

JPMorgan Chase laid Harmer off.

Harmer received a $75,406 bonus.

He also received $84,586 in severance, according to his federal financial disclosure forms.

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Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Elwood

    What a ridiculous, tortured argument.

    See: http://changingminds.org/disciplines/argument/types_reasoning/syllogistic_reasoning.htm

    Some men are crooks.

    Harmer is a man.

    Therefore Harmer is a crook.

    Pathetic that someone used perfectly good newsprint and ink to print that crap.

  • AJ

    Michael Fitzgerald needs a bail-out, a bail-out from his stupidity! And Lisa needs a time-out for propagating Mr. Fitzgerald stupidity.

  • bt

    I wonder how much Harmer lost in the failure of Wamu…I bet an attorney made pretty good stock options that went up in smoke when the bank failed, not to mention that he lost his job. I find it highly laughable that a guy can get fired because the company he works for failed and because he is lucky enough to be handed something on the way out the door he is painted as profiting from the bailouts. Then criticized for collecting unemployment, while he was unemployed…I think Harmer’s competition is feeling this thing slip away and trying to smear him for ego’s sake.

  • Mike F.

    I’m not a Harmer fan, but so what. My company does things that do not line up with my politics, but I still do the job they demand and do it well.

    I’m more concerned about the crony capitalism of giving a poor investment in solar manufacturing a $500B loan when most savy investors know that the panels can be manufactured off-shore at much cheaper costs. What was Obama doing in Fremont today? Was it helping a specific company or lining up future campaign contributions?

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    I will have much more on this tomorrow. Also, watch for a scathing mailer from Elizabeth Emken’s campaign on this issue to hit mailboxes. I’m holding off on posting it until Harmer has a chance to respond to its allegations.

  • i believe these issues came up in the CD 10 race last year.
    I also believe it was noted that Harmer was opposed to government insurance but collected unemployment insurance, though it could be argued that that is a different thing.

  • Sara Blicharz

    How did we voters in San Joaquin County receive a Harmer hit mailer with the exact same accusations made by liberal Mike Fitzgerald … both on the same day? 1 of his “conservative” opponents worked really hard to coordinate this. If the worst they can find is that he did a good job for his emplyer & earned a bonus, then collected 2,000 unemployment compensation (not welfare, UEC that he had paid into) … then Harmer’s not doing too bad.

  • Dan

    It must have been a really slow news day in Stockton today. Harmer’s opposition has really gotten desperate to come up with this crap.

  • Sara says Harmer did a good job at Wamu. I worked for Wamu, Harmer’s Legal consultation to the corporate strategy of CC & New Mortgage was bad and the results for the company were worse.

    Dan says this article is crap.

    For me it’s enough to Vote for one of the other candidates.
    And I do appreciate that the Emken campaign mailed the information to many of the Voters so they could be aware of these facts as well.
    The truth is most folks won’t take the time to read this blog for each candidate they have to choose from.
    The mailers are the number one source of information for many voters.

  • GoMcNerney.com!

    Elizabeth emken the lobbyist insider is a scab. She is just as low as Garamendi who’s pathetic strategists wrote all the fabrications and garbage she has so earnestly and proudly reincarnated. Elizabeth should be ashamed of herself. Shes extremely short on brain cells which is probably where her son got all his problems to begin with. Bad primary candidate, bad overall disposition and bad for voters. Thank GOD the majority had the sense to nominate an true patriot like David Harmer. ANY district would be proud to have him as their congressman. And now McNerney, the far left extremist is GOING DOWN. Not even the lies he tells the vets will save him. VETS must see what he backs and that is cutting military spending during war to create another Vietnam. The dems always go in and mess things up for us. McNerney’s votes against proper funding and passive votes to cut 25% from military budgets in the middle of the war will guarantee our military will come home in body bags or injured. All McNerney is concerned about is beefing up the mental illness cases. McNerney is a pathetic excuse of a Congressman who votes with PELOSI 96% of the time! Then sends mailers lying to Independents telling them he’s an Independent! What a total LIAR. Gomcnerney.com, gomcnerney.com! http://www.trivalleypatriots.com/store