CD11: Harmer outpacing opponents in cash

GOP 11th District candidate David Harmer is outpacing his three opponents in the money race, according to Federal Election Commission filings posted tonight.

Harmer reported raising $169,133 in the last reporting period (April 1 through May 19), a figure well ahead of Brad Goehring at $91,749, Elizabeth Emken at $30,129; and Tony Amador at $16,905.

Harmer has also outraised his challengers for the full election cycle, particularly when you factor in the personal loans, of which Harmer has made none.

Goehring continues to shuffle his personal money around. He has loaned his campaign $1.075 million but he has repaid himself $925,000, including $300,000 in the last reporting period.

But Goehring may have experienced a post-reporting deadline money boost after his national kerfuffle last week with liberal MSNBC talk show host Keith Olbermann. Goehring put out a fundraising appeal and says his online contributions have gone up. We won’t know until after the election.

The figures below are for the 2010 election cycle through May 19, the close of the reporting period.

DAVID HARMER: Raised $555,533. Spent $415,432. Had $207,560 in the bank. Reported debts of $27,161. No personal loans.

BRAD GOEHRING: Raised $379,106. Spent $464,175. Had $62,332 in the ban. Debts of $157,748. Made net personal loans of $150,000. (He has loaned his campaign a total of $1.075 million but has repaid himself $925,000.)

ELIZABETH EMKEN: Raised $236,266. Spent $311,311. Had $123,954 in the bank. Reported debts of $200,000. Made net personal loans of $200,000.

TONY AMADOR: Raised $143,352. Spent $172,114. Had $21,023 in the bank. Reported debts of $52,825. Made personal loans of $50,000.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Bill

    As they say…..follow the money and it sure looks to me like Mr. Harmer has a ton of support. I would imagine it would be hard to raise that kind of dough with no district support, even though Gohring keeps implying it. Congressman David Harmer…………..has a nice ring to it.

  • Ernie Konnyu

    Since the CNBC television spokesman for the liberal left, Keith Olberman, named Brad Goering a “Worst Person In The World” Brad proved he is running a great Republican campaign for Congress. Because water expert Goering, a winegrape grower, has the overwhelming set of endorsements in the dominant San Joaquin County portion of CD 11 as well as in Santa Clara County, he seems also the most popular candidate.

    All this to say that the Harmer money edge may not buy the Republican nomination even if Goering chooses not to open his personal checkbook to finance his campaign.

  • Dave Gee

    Actually, Harmer’s opponent’s name is not “Goering”–it is “Goehring”. Herman Goering was Hitler’s number two man. Are you trying to send a subliminal message? Nice try.

  • Sandee Wiedemann

    I join so many other conservatives in being very grateful to David Harmer and his supportive family for stepping out to serve this Country. David not only says he is a Reagan Republican, he has shown that he has the values that President Reagan held so strongly through his career choices and his volunteer time contributions.

    People are very grateful, too, that David Harmer is running a clean campaign with the focus on his experience. It is so disappointing that other candidates have reached so low in an attempt to win this Honorable seat!