East Bay TEA Party ranks candidates

The Nor Cal/Pleasanton TEA Party has ranked statewide and congressional candidates based on its assessment of where they stand on the organization’s core tenets, social issues and experience.

Check it out at http://www.pleasantonteaparty.com/ptpsvoterguide.htm

It is fascinating to watch what started as a loosely aligned group of voters evolve into an organization, whose members gather, deliberate and vote on a platform. The rankings are not intended as endorsements but the message is clear. I wonder if we will see a move toward the creation of another official political party in California or the U.S.?

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • AJ


  • The Tea Party in Northern California sounds like a very interesting political group. This is a group that is up and coming. Could you please tell me whether this group has been established in the Eastern Part of the United States? I just want to know because the only group that I can recall has been establish in Boston, MA!!! Please give me some information about your group. Thanks for allowing me to read and make comments on your article.


    Anthony Hopkins

    PS: Here is my blog on Norms and Values!!

    Values & Norms

    This is a report on values and norms. It is very important that we have values and norms in our daily lives. It is extremely necessary that we have them because it provides structure, direction, consistency, as well as a basis for mankind to follow. What are values? A value is something that we believe in from the very beginning. This is established just from being around our parents. Our traditional beliefs such as maintaining life abundantly, as well as the importance of education are examples of values. Values can also be religious based as well as it can pertain to the things that our parents were reared with.
    Values can also give us the guidelines and the basis for life because it keeps our behavior in check. What are norms? This is a very good question. A norm is rule based. This is simply because we as human beings will have to follow and obey the laws of society. These norms are also pertaining to the Bible as well as the laws that mankind has established for us. For instance, if a child does not attend school, it is the parents fault. The child and parents are responsible for this behavior. Accountability is very important because this is taking full responsibility for your own actions. Admitting your role in your own situation and being truthful and frank about it is very important.
    If there are 10 Commandments inside of the Holy Bible, there are also laws that apply to mankind, so it is important for men, women, and children to adhere to these laws on a daily basis. I am going to admit that I am a private citizen as well as one who complies with the law on a daily basis. I am also one who adheres to the laws of the Bible on a daily basis. This is also based on reading the Bible as well as performing deeds that God and Jesus Christ wants mankind to do. This is simply by having unconditional love inside of your entire heart. There are men, women, and children who do not adhere to the laws of both the Bible and mankind. I pray for these individuals each and every day that these individuals would reform. I am prayerful and truthful by saying that anyone can change, only if they give themselves a chance.
    Even when it pertains to the Criminal Justice System, it is very important that all criminals as well as those who are already incarcerated should be entitled to change. Justice for the guilty comes from the courts by proving that those who are guilty be tried and convicted for all of their wrongs. This is the truth in many cases of those who are fleeing from justice. It does not make sense to run away from your problems. You must face your fears as well as all of your problems head on. If someone is afraid of justice, this means they are afraid of themselves as human beings as well as the devil that they are serving.

    This is not a service of God for mankind to avoid their problems and put them behind. This means that you are a person who has a real problem with yourselves. I am not a person who is neither judging nor one who passes judgment towards others. This is a call for all of those who continue to run away from their own problems to examine yourselves and get real. Because sooner or later, God will call you on your stuff all by Himself!!!!
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    Anthony Hopkins
    Dayton, Ohio

  • John W

    The Pleasanton group does seem to be better organized and more cohesive than other TEAsers around the country, but I don’t know about the emergence of a new party. I found it interesting that they ranked Harmer so much more conservative than Goehring. I don’t know that much about either one but would have guessed the reverse.

  • Mike F.

    I’m amazed that Amador doesn’t get 5 stars too. I don’t live in CD-11, but having seen Harmer play the “carpet bagger” in CD-10 would make me take a couple stars off that rating. Had he not been a carpet bagger, he could’ve used it against Garamendi in CD-10 race. Two “carpet baggers” do not make it right.

  • Elwood

    With their endorsement of both Prop 16 and 17 the teapotties lost all credibility with me.

  • Truthclubber

    With his inability to anticipate that the Tea Party is in fact merely a creation of, funded by, and a tool for the corporate interests of the GOP (after all, the TP consists mainly of older, white, angry, Republican males who supported Bush the Shrub and voted for McFail), “Hellwad” lost all credibility with me.

  • Elwood

    Re: #6

    You DO enjoy your alternate reality, don’t you?

  • Truthclubber

    Not as much as you clearly enjoy yours, Hellwad – just don’t smoke it in public, OK?

  • John W

    TEAser support for Prop. 16 seems consistent with their limited government, low tax theme. Support for 17 seems just pro-corporation. If 16 passes, somebody should challenge the legality based on the obscenely misleading “Right to Vote” title.

  • Elwood

    Re: #8

    Childish and derivative. As are all your posts.

    Ever think about growing up?

  • Truthclubber

    When we look up “Hellwad” in the dictionary, we find the following:


    See: Cheney, Richard (nee Dick)

    See, Hellwad? I’m all growd up now — I kin use a dickshunairy jus lik yu!

  • Truthclubber

    Oh, I forgot one trait — “Hyper-reactionary”, e.g., when he senses he has been attacked regardless of whether that attack is justified or has merit based on truth — since all that matters in the “Faux News” world is not truth, but merely whether enough people have been swayed, BS’d or hypnotized to “suspend their need for truth”…

  • Elwood

    Wow, I’m really inside your head, ain’t I?

    You sound like you’re about ready for the funny farm.

    You’ve got it bad, and that ain’t good.

  • RR, Uninvited Columnist

    Come, gentlemen! Be civil. As Spiro Agnew said: “It is a sad day in America when we cannot humorously insult each other.”