CD11: Amador claims the high road

Congressional District 11 primary candidate Tony Amador is claiming the high road in his latest mail piece, which should hit mailboxes starting today.

With two of his three opponents, David Harmer and Elizabeth Emken, trading barbs (more about that later), Amador sees a chance to distinguish himself from all the nastiness.

I guess Amador forgot about the eight-page broadsheet he funded through The People’s Advocate, where he called all his opponents hypocrites.

He blasted Emken for her role as a paid advocate for increased federal spending on autism research and insurance regulations. He slapped Harmer around for running in a district in which he does not live and doing it after Harmer criticized his former opponent in the 10th District, now Rep. John Garamendi, for not living in that district. And Amador accused Brad Goehring of talking tough on immigration while relying on immigrant labor in his agricultural operations.

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Lisa Vorderbrueggen