DA candidate works around sign size woes

And the award for most creative candidate goes to … drum roll please … District Attorney candidate Mark Peterson!

It seems that his campaign signs in Moraga violated the size restrictions, so he came up with a compromise: Convert a big sign into small signs planted really, really close to each other.

It’s perfectly legal. And there’s no way any candidate is going to put these expensive signs back in the garage.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen


    Wow! This is really embarassing! Do the voter’s of this county want a DA who doesn’t follow the rules? Isn’t that what Mr. Peterson and his supporters are complaining about with the current administration? This is his solution to being in violation of an ordinance? How ’bout just take down the big sign?!?!

  • voteroutrage

    One man’s “clever” is another man’s “devious”. We expect this from legislators, but a DA?! If he can’t understand the intent of the sign ordinance, just how the heck is he going to protect me and my rights?

    Now I have to look at the other candidates and find one less subversive.

  • Jason C

    Is it any wonder that the sheriff and the cops say Peterson’s ethics are in the gutter? Looks like just another pol willing to say and do anything to get elected? Just what we need.

  • seph

    I wonder which of Peterson’s opponents are writing copy for the “outraged” comments here? I’ve never even heard of Moraga personally, but I do know what a politician sounds like–they use phrases like “what the voters want” and “my opponent is willing to say and do anything to get elected.” You guys aren’t quite as clever as you think.