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Beware of paid slate mailers, part 2

By Josh Richman
Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 at 3:06 pm in 2010 election, ballot measures.

Following up on last week’s post, here’s more from the shameless slate-mailer file: A “Democratic Voter Guide” hitting local mailboxes recently urged a “yes” vote on Proposition 14, the top-two primary initiative that the California Democratic Party very staunchly opposes. That’s because this guide is published by Voter Guide Slate Cards of Long Beach, not by the party.

Similarly, the “Voter Information Guide for Democrats” urges a “no” vote on Proposition 15, the public campaign finance pilot project initiative, and “yes” votes on both Proposition 16 – the PG&E-funded measure that would protect the company’s monopoly by making it harder for local governments to establish municipal utilities or community choice aggregators – and Proposition 17 – the Mercury Insurance-funded measure dealing with portability of continuous-coverage discounts. That’s the opposite of California Democratic Party’s stances; the CDP urges yes on 15, no on 16 and 17. This mailer is actually published by Levine & Associates, a Sherman Oaks-based political consulting firm.

And the “Californians Vote Green” slate mailer urges a “yes” vote on Proposition 16: hardly a “green vote,” as just about every environmental group in the state – including the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Environment California, the Earth Island Institute, the Planning and Conservation League, and the California League of Conservation Voters – are dead set against the measure. This mailer is a product of the David L. Gould Company Rick Taylor of Dakota Communications, a Los Angeles political consulting firm. (ed. note: see comments #2 and #3, below)

Please, voters: Read the fine print on whatever campaign literature you see, because more often than not the advice it gives is bought and paid for by someone other than the source you believe.

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  • Ted Lawrence

    The Vote Green slate is published by Rick Taylor a lobbyist and sometimes political consultant from Los Angeles. David Gould is a campaign treasurer who knows nothing about strategy and just keeps finances.

  • Josh Richman

    Thanks, Ted. is indeed registered to Rick Taylor of Dakota Communications in Los Angeles; I’d gone with the address on the mailer – 555 S. Flower St., Suite 4210 in LA – which is Gould’s office.