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Chris Kelly puts another $2.45m into AG’s race

By Josh Richman
Friday, June 4th, 2010 at 9:21 am in 2010 election, Attorney General, campaign finance, Chris Kelly, Kamala Harris.

Former Facebook chief privacy officer Chris Kelly has put another $2.45 million of his own money into his campaign for the Democratic nomination for state Attorney General, bringing his total out-of-pocket spending so far to $12,056,000.

For context, current Attorney General Jerry Brown spent $9,024,118.88 in all of 2005 and 2006 to win the office, the primary and general elections combined.

“California is in desperate straits because of the failure of our existing political system,” Kelly said in a statement issued this morning. “I’ve invested heavily in this race — using some of what California has given to me — because I believe that my mix of experience in law, technology, and public policy can help lead the state in a different direction.”

He said the added money will let his campaign “communicate in the final days of the campaign with voters who face a fundamental choice — will we as Democrats nominate a strong general election candidate who has worked extensively with law enforcement while building one of the most successful technology companies in history, or another failed politician mired in scandal over her unwillingness to follow the law and protect the fair trial rights guaranteed by our Constitution.”

Gee, which of the other six Democratic candidates for AG do you think he’s talking about? Oh, wait, he said “her.”

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris’ campaign issued a statement later this morning saying Kelly “has been dubbed ‘Mini Meg’ by the news media for his attempt to buy the office of Attorney General – a position for which legal newspapers have called him ‘not qualified.’ Kelly’s latest contribution comes in the midst of scathing media attention on Kelly, and as Kamala Harris continues to earn newspaper endorsements around the state.”

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