Assessor says name misused in Measure F

Gus Kramer

Gus Kramer

UPDATED BELOW … Assessor Gus Kramer says his name was misappropriated in the Measure F campaign in Brentwood.

A pro-Measure F email from gus@guskramerassessor.com surfaced in Brentwood on Monday. (See the full text below.)

But Kramer says it wasn’t him. He never sent any such email nor did he give anyone else authority to do it.

“I have been victimized,” Kramer said. “I did not send any emails about Measure F nor did I give permission for my name to be used. I have not taken any position on Measure F, but my sympathies are with the no people right now.”

Kramer’s re-election Web site is www.guskramerassessor.com but he uses a different email address, guskramerassessor@gmail.com.

UPDATE AT 6:15 P.M. Mystery solved. Antioch campaign consultant Dan Lee mistakenly sent out the Measure F email under Gus Kramer’s email address, said Measure F spokesman Tom Koch.  Lee was apparently sending out materials for both campaigns when he made the error, Koch said.

Email content:

From: Contra Costa County Assessor (gus@guskramerassesssor.com)


Sent: Monday, June 07, 2010 6:28 PM

Subject: See the MAP of Measure F area… picture worth 1,000 words.

If You Think No on F

Means No Homes.


Think Again.


Measure F opponents would have you

believe that No on F will stop development.

Things aren’t ever that simple!

The Measure F area has been planned for homes for many years.

Either Antioch or Brentwood will develop the site.

Balfour Road needs widening. American Avenue needs to be extended.

These roadway fixes cost $27,000,000. Homes are the only way to pay for this.

Antioch has announced it may be going bankrupt. They’ve already laid off police officers. They need ever penny they can get. Antioch needs growth in order to fund public services.

Antioch’s Roddy Ranch also needs more growth to fund roads and utilities.

Antioch has an average density of 4.5 homes per acre. Measure F limits potential growth to no more than 1.75 homes per acre. An Antioch approval could allow much more development.

LAFCO’s seven commissioners would decide if Antioch can annex this area.

Five commissioners have stated that Antioch could take the area when Antioch’s voters say yes if Brentwood’s voters say no.

So, the question ISN’T IF the area will be developed.

The question is BRENTWOOD or ANTIOCH?


Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Bill P.

    Regardless, I hope that today is the last election at which Gus Kramer’s name appears on the ballot. Mr. Kramer is a “model” politician — of what not to be — corrupt and useless. But both Nejedly and Brooks also are troubled candidates for County Assessor — they don’t pay their own property taxes but want to be the public official who indirectly sets the property tax bills of others. By default, Ross Erin Butler was the only credible candidate for Assessor. This is a very sad situation for a county of 1 million population!

  • The public has spoken…

    Oh give it up Ross…I mean “Bill P.” How can you say Kramer is useless? The public disagrees! You can yap about REB being a credible candidate all you want but Kramer advocated for the individual taxpayers by lowering taxes for over 150,000 homeowners. He is always there for the taxpayers and they were there for him today.

    The Times should also take notice and tuck their personal agenda away and stop swiping at Kramer every chance they get. Their slanted coverage is getting old and it’s become quite predictable. Besides, they might reel in a few more readers if they weren’t so blatantly biased in their reporting.

  • John W

    First, I’m glad Kramer won, even though I voted early for Brooks, before the buzz about his property taxes made me realize how thin his resume was for the job.

    That said, I don’t agree with the comments about the Times’ “slanted coverage.” I applaud the excellent investigative reporting the Times has done on Gus and his antics. Just what was it about their reporting on Gus that wasn’t accurate and newsworthy? I also don’t agree that we should somehow be grateful that Gus lowered taxes for 150,000 homeowners. He had no choice under the law. But his office has, indeed, handled that responsibility in a very competent manner. He’s no Boy Scout, but apparently he knows his job. That’s why I’m glad he beat out the underqualified competition.