Let the show begin! Political ads and videos launched as general election gets underway

Let the paid advertising circus begin!

Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman launched her fall campaign with her first general election ad, titled, One Thing:

Opponents immediately ridiculed it, saying Whitman, the billionaire ex-CEO of eBay, is the last person to understand the plight of the unemployed and poor.

Later, California Working Families for Brown for Governor 2010 released its first video, laying into Whitman for her failure to vote for 28 years. “For decades,” goes the ad’s voice over, “she didn’t follow the issues. Couldn’t spare a moment to vote. Now she’s spending a hundred fifty million to get our vote?”

And after Sarah Palin jumped into the California gubernatorial fray mocking Democratic nominee Jerry Brown’s vow to not raise taxes unless voters ask for them, his team team hit back immediately with a video:

But the best video came out of the U.S. Senate race. Carly Fiorina’s off-mic comments about Meg Whitman’s “strange choice” to appear on Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s show is excellent fly-on-the-wall stuff, and is being viewed around the nation.

Steven Harmon