House may be in reach of GOP

Highly respected Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball analyst Alan I. Abramowitz has posted his take on the predictions of a Republican sweep in November, and he believes majority control of the House is within the GOP’s grasp but not certain:

“With less than five months left until Election Day, many political commentators are asking whether this year’s midterm elections could be a reprise of 1994 when Republicans picked up 8 seats in the Senate and 54 seats in the House of Representatives to take control of both chambers for the first time in 40 years.

There is almost universal agreement that Republicans are poised to make major gains in both the House and the Senate.

And while the GOP’s chances of gaining the 10 seats needed to take control of the upper chamber appear to be remote, the 39 seats required to take back the House of Representatives may be within reach.”

Check out his full story here.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Patty O’Day

    Woo Hoo! And we will start right here with electing David Harmer!

  • David LaTour

    It’s the same cycle over and over again. In 2008 we threw out the Republicans because the Democrats said they would stop the empire building and bring the troops home. Of course, nothing has changed except for a troop increase in Afghanistan. Now, the Republicans are perceived as the “good guys” and we will end up with a bunch of neo-cons in Congress.

  • John W

    My guess is the Dems lose control of both chambers. Don’t like it, but that’s the way I see it. Can’t blame the voters. After all, things were just swell during 12 years the Repubs controlled Congress, with 6 of those years in control of the White House too. Never mind that the thing that has people in such a foul mood (the sucko economy) got that way before 2008. Think people would be up in arms about deficits and spending if the economy was going strong? They didn’t seem to care before the meltdown in Sept 08. Of course, health care reform is part of the picture too. If only those damned socialist Dems hadn’t insisted on adopting the radical health care ideas of Mitt Romney and Richard Nixon! My next campaign contribution to McNerney is on the way.

  • Elwood

    “My next campaign contribution to McNerney is on the way.”

    A fool and his money–