Higher ed lobbies gubernatorial candidates

A higher education nonprofit organization, The Campaign for College Opportunity, is asking California’s 2010 gubernatorial candidates to sign a pledge of support for improved access to higher education and higher graduation rates.

The Los Angeles-based organization, led by California Business Roundtable president and California State University system trustee Bill Hauck, has a goal to boost by 1 million the number of college graduates by 2025.

That’s the year when the state will have 1 million fewer grads that it needs to supply the workforce, according to the Public Policy Institute of California.

The Campaign for College Opportunity advocates for higher education legislation. (Correction: Per the organization’s spokesman Marty Trujillo, the organization has not taken a position on Democratic Assembly Speaker John Perez’ jobs bill, which would fully fund the state’s higher education system and cut recent tuition fee hikes.)

It’s all part of the brewing public relations convergence between the battle over the state’s crumbling budget and the fight between Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Met Whitman over the governor’s seat.  The governor is one of the three approvals — Assembly and Senate are the other two — required to pass a state budget and everybody knows it.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen