Unions unveil third Brown TV ad

The union-funded organization campaigning for gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, California Working Families for Jerry Brown for Governor 2010, has released its third video ad.

Watch the 30-second ad, titled “World,” below or at www.CaliforniaWorkingFamilies.com.

GOP opponent Meg Whitman’s camp immediately sent out this response:

“Governor Brown’s ideology of more taxes, more spending, and more regulations is the real enemy of middle-class Californians. Jerry Brown Incorporated is a political conglomerate of unions and special interests determined to defend Sacramento’s status quo and launch misleading attack ads against Meg. Jerry Brown Inc. is learning that voters know Meg Whitman is the only chance for middle-class Californians to get meaningful tax relief, accountability in Sacramento and the jobs our state desperately needs. Meg’s plan eliminates the start-up tax for middle-class entrepreneurs and the capital gains tax for smaller investors, and it provides a new tax credit for middle-class homebuyers. What is Jerry Brown offering? Nothing.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen