Whitman’s new ad continues the summer season of attacks

Meg Whitman’s relentless early summer attack ad campaign continues rumbling through our living rooms today with a new 30-second spot that fuses the notions of special interests, unions and a big, bad politician.

It comes on top of news that the Republican gubernatorial nominee, in a SurveyUSA poll, took the lead over Democratic candidate Jerry Brown, 46 percent to 39 percent. The SurveyUSA poll has detractors who say its methodology isn’t as exact or discriminating as others, such as the Field Poll, which had the two in a deadlock.

In the political ad, going up in TV markets statewide, the announcer asks “Who are these people?” attacking Whitman in an ad put out earlier by the California Working Families for Jerry Brown for Governor 2010.

“They’re the unions and special interests behind Jerry Brown,” the announcer intones. “They want Jerry Brown because he won’t rock the boat in Sacramento. He’ll be the same as he ever was.”

Roger Salazar, the spokesman for the Working Families PAC, said that voters might disagree with Whitman’s villainizing teachers, firefighters and cops, whose unions are backing the independent expenditure group’s own ad campaign.

“Clearly our messages are resonating with voters; otherwise Whitman wouldn’t respond by trying to bully the messenger,” he said. “It’s also clear with this new ad Meg Whitman to once again buy her way out of trouble.”

Whitman’s campaign continues a line of attack that was already debunked by the non-partisan group, Factcheck.org. It accuses Brown of imposing “high taxes”, being responsible for “lost jobs” and “big pensions for state employees” in his previous two terms as governor from 1975-83.

Here’s the ad, titled “Their Governor”:

Brown’s campaign manager, Steve Glazer pivoted off the ad to a few of Whitman’s own problems:

“Meg Whitman has refused to tell the truth about Jerry Brown from the very beginning,” Glazer wrote. “From lies about assaulting an employee at eBay to false claims about how long she’s lived in California to false statements about Jerry Brown, Whitman seems incabaple of telling the truth.”

Whitman’s ad, Glazer continued, offers no specifics or support for its claims. Under Brown, Glazer said, California saw taxes reduced by $16 billion, more than 1.9 million new jobs were created.

Brown proposed limits on pension benefits and vetoed pay increases to state employees, though the Legislature, including a bunch of Republicans, overrode the latter veto.

Here’s a detailed point-by-point refutation of Whitman’s charges, put out by Glazer.

And here’s the Whitman’s own “Their Governor Ad Facts” chart.

Meanwhile, the Brown campaign released a quick and dirty (edited for public view) memo by its pollster, Jim Moore, who said his own poll showed Brown up by 3 points, saying it essentially mirrored the Field Poll, though the level of support among Latinos was higher.

Steven Harmon

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Has Meg forgotten the summer of LOVE!!!

  • Tom

    During the Summer of Love, Meg was busy trying to boss around her Brownie troupe.

  • Publius

    Though once a noble and needed cause organized labor has long outlived it’s public utility and serves now only for advancing it’s own interest above all others.

    Ask yourself one question. Why are the unions spending so much money to get Brown elected? It has been my observation lately that the unions only look out for future membership dues, securing high rates of pay, and retaining expensive benefit packages for thier members. If you are a member of the club then you your cool. Right. So, why are the unions spending so much money getting Brown elected?

    Answer: To protect and expand union dues. To hold on to high salaries, and to keep the more than generous benefit packages. On face value I see no problem with these goals. If a private business feels like signing a contract with a local, more power to them. If the service or product can generate revenue to support the wages and benefits then, God bless them. If there is not enough revenue then the business will not survive. The problem is when you involve the tax payer dollar and the politician who controls that dollar.

    So I ask again. Why are the unions spending so much money getting Brown elected?

    Answer: To use tax payer dollars to subsidize high wages, union dues, and great benefits; in exchange for votes and financial assistance when it comes time for people like Brown to get re-elected. I will list one example of the way that the government subsidizes Big Labor. Project Labor Agreements (the practice of excluding non-union contractors on public works projects) are every where in this state. PLA’s are a nice little payback to the unions for all of thier support. A pay back that is in the Billons of dollars.

    The unions do not want what is best for the general welfare of the state. They only want what is best for thier members. As we drive towards the cliff of insolvency, organized labor is still on a joy ride with the pedal to the metal.

  • MHuang

    FactCheck.org’s “facts” are hilarious. Nonpartisan? Only they claim that. No independent reader would ever make such an assumption.

    First, the FactCheck omits issues that paint Democrats in an unfavorable light: such as Nasa’s Muslim mission, Gore’s sexual assualt in Portland, the Edwards affair, the Wash Post Journolist, and so on.

    For what they do cover, the balance is hardly nonpartisan.

    Go to their website and look at their last 100 articles, you can see 10 per page.

    92 of the articles discuss how conservatives or Republicans facts are wrong. 8 cover Democrats facts.
    Is this balanced fact checking?

    Let’s look at the content of their articles.
    Their June 23 coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill omits Press Secretary Gibb’s June 15 press conference (check YouTube) where on the Jones act, Gibbs said President Obama will not address that because “no offers from foreigners” have been made. The factcheck article says “offers from six foreign countries or entities have been accepted and only one offer has been rejected. Fifteen foreign-flag vessels are working on the cleanup, and none required a waiver.”

    Convenient fronting for Obama.

    Consider using a real fact checking source.

    Whatever happened to speaking truth to power??

  • KAugsburger

    It would be helpful if you posted those emails you received on a public webpage. Otherwise what was the point of telling us about them?

  • John W


    FactCheck and Politifact are both excellent resources for debunking blogosphere crapola. There’s another one too, but I can’t remember the name right now. Why would FactCheck do anything on John Edwards? What’s to check? Nor do they do anything on creepy personal scandals of Republicans. As for the Jones Act, about which you make such a big deal, the reason there are no waivers is that a waiver is not needed for a foreign-flagged vessel to participate in an emergency clean-up. The Jones Act has to do with shipping goods between U.S. ports.

  • John W


    Gee, unions are spending to get Brown elected to protect union interests? Now, there’s breaking news! But you’re correct. I’ll give you that.

  • BHO


    Yep, I stopped trusting FactCheck (as well as Politfact) several years ago. It’s a rah-rah party-line site for Democrats.

    I liked how they “factcheck”ed Michelle Obama “having the largest staff of any first lady” by claiming it was only 50% larger than L. Bush’s staff, or President Obama having lots of vacation time by ignoring his 29 golf trips and coming up with an interval of time that shows only Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton taking less vacation time.

    If you check the staff of people working at FactCheck, they are hard-core leftists. I knew D’Angelo Gore in college at Norfolk State in 2005. He was one of the most intense leftists there, before he got his job at the Washington Informer (“The Washington Informer is an African American, woman-owned newspaper” with a “Target: the African American community” and “The Washington Informer adopts the African proverb that states: “It takes an entire village to raise a child.” ) He is the guy who worked on the Meg report at FactCheck.

    The only people who trust FactCheck are people that have no interest in the truth, and just want to feel good about their own biases.

  • For Liberty

    Consider the constitutional choice for governor of CA, Chelene Nightingale. Remember, voting for the lesser of two evils, is still evil. Find out more about the Nightingale campaign at the following link: