Contra Costa opposes Prop. 22

Contra Costa County seal

Contra Costa County seal

The Contra Costa Board of Supervisors will oppose a statewide ballot initiative promoted by cities and transit agencies on the grounds that it may leave county funding vulnerable.

The board voted unanimously today to oppose the Local Taxpayer, Public Safety and Transportation Protection Act of 2010 placed on the ballot through the signature-gathering efforts of the League of California Cities, California Transit Association and the California Alliance for Jobs, a construction industry group.

Proposition 22, if approved on Nov. 2, would outright ban state borrowing or taking of tax money intended for local governments’ use.

The measure clearly benefits cities and transit agencies but it does not appear to protect county money from state raids, particularly in the area of human services and public safety, said Contra Costa Supervisor Federal Glover, who also serves on the California State Association of Counties. (The state association has not taken a position on Prop. 22 but its Urban County Caucus has opposed it.)

But the county’s position is at odds with the views of its cities’ leaders, who overwhelmingly support Prop. 22 and helped gather signatures.

The division is yet another illustration of how public agencies are struggling to protect their sources of operating cash, even at the expense of state and county services.

It is an unfortunate situation, said Supervisor Susan Bonilla. She agrees with the sentiment of the measure, which blocks state access to local tax money, but says she cannot embrace a bill that might open yet another hole in the county’s already leaky financial bucket.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • curmudge

    This really is pathetic. The League of Cities and Transit Agencies all supported Prop 1a a few years ago that just saved the County millions. Now when they ask for the same consideration, the greedy County looks just to itself and tells the cities, transit agencies and economic development programs to take a hike. So short sighted and greedy on the part of the County. If the locals cannot stick together, the State will stick them one at a time. A sad day.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Watch CCTV Thursday, 6PM, to see our BOS start a Civil War with the 19 Cities of CCC! I spoke against the BOS move to approve the bait and switch tactics of CA Govt., but the other 526,000 registered voters of CCC weren’t there to help! The BOS is against the local taxpayer! The BOS is against Public Safety! The BOS is against creating jobs!

  • BGR

    No surprise as counties are agents of state government and implement state policy.

    The BOS vote illustrates that, indeed, there is no honor amongst thieves!

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Great job, Lisa, also on your article in today’s Contra Costa Times on the Grand Jury report, “Pension Spiking: Who Really Gets Stuck?”. Now we need an editorial showing how wrong the Supervisors were, when stating they’re helpless to do anything. Pension Reform is done by threatening layoffs of high income County employees with seniority, or threatening bankrupcy to already retired former County employees with >$100,000/yr. pensions. Obviously, it’s the squeaking wheel that gets the grease (In yesterday’s meeting that was the bow and arrow deer hunters.)

  • John W

    Just a question here. Did the authors of Prop. 22 intentionally leave counties exposed to state raids on local dollars, or is this another ballot initiative oops? Just trying to figure out what the real story is. Would welcome feedback from anybody who is in the know.

  • Arne Simonsen

    Unbelievable! The County Board of Supervisors are really out of step with the 19 cities in the County. This is going to be very embarrassing for them come November when Prop 22 is overwhelmingly approved!!!

  • Elwood

    The one thread running through this thread is that the state legislators are a bunch of thieves and whores. They will steal money anywhere they can find it.

    The dispute between the county and the cities is simply a matter of whose ox is being gored.

    If I were a member of the CA leg. and somebody asked me what I do for a living I would tell them that I was a dope dealer or a pimp. Something with a little more prestige, donchaknow? Latest polls show public support for the leg. @16%.

  • Magog

    Curmudge: Prop 1A benefited the county and cities equally, as well as special districts, and so of course they all supported it. Cities are the ones telling counties to take a hike with this measure, not the other way around.

    John W: The cities specifically wrote this measure to benefit only themselves and their redevelopment agencies, with no consideration of the counties. Not so much an ‘oops’ as a cold shoulder.

    Cities are protecting themselves and their redevelopment agencies at the expense of counties, even though counties are the ones that provide city residents with public health programs etc. Prop 22 protects funding for roads over cops, and redevelopment over food stamps. Are those your priorities?

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Arne, did you see Lisa’s article today on another way the BOS embarrassed themselves at that meeting. The headline’s “Contra Costa archery restriction panned.” Uilkema introduced this, but it was obvious to me all 5 Sups planned to vote Aye, until the wheels squeeked, surprising them. This was a great example of the importance of First Amendment Rights of Speech and Press in protecting our Freedoms. Local government governs best because we don’t have to fly to Sacto or DC to find out what’s really going on!

  • John W

    Jeez, I’m usually highly opinionated on this stuff. Appreciate the feedback from Magog, but I’m still having a hard time figuring out who the good guys and bad guys are. On the surface, it would seem that Prop. 22 should have been written to protect both counties and municipalities. Guess I’ll have to go to school on Prop. 22 before November.

  • Arne Simonsen

    Here’s a partial list of Prop 22 supporters – and it is not just the League!
    California Fire Chiefs Association
    California Police Chiefs Association
    Fire Districts Association of California
    Peace Officers Research Association of California
    California Association of Code Enforcement Officers
    Central Valley Fire Chiefs Association
    Los Angeles Area Fire Chiefs Association
    Monterey County Deputy Sheriff’s Association
    Orange County Fire Chiefs Association
    Riverside County Fire Chiefs Association
    San Diego County Fire Chiefs’ Association
    Santa Cruz County Fire Chiefs Association
    South Bay Fire Chiefs’ Association
    Ventura County Fire Chief’s Association
    Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs
    Los Angeles County Police Chiefs Association
    Boulder Creek Fire Protection District
    Beverly Hills Fire Department
    Chino Valley Independent Fire District
    Escondido Firefighters Association, Local 3842
    Novato Fire Protection District
    Orange County Fire Authority
    Police Officers Association of Lodi
    Santa Fe Springs Fire Rescue
    San Bernardino County Safety Employees’ Benefit Association
    Santa Cruz Police Management Association
    Scotts Valley Fire Protection District

    League of California Cities
    California Redevelopment Association
    California Special Districts Association
    California Contract Cities Association
    California Society of Municipal Finance Officers
    California Association of Public Cemeteries
    California Association of Recreation and Parks District
    California Association of Sanitation Agencies
    City Clerks Association of California
    Independent Cities Association
    Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments
    Coachella Valley Association of Governments
    Council of Fresno County Governments
    Gateway Cities Council of Governments
    Merced County Association of Governments
    San Benito County Governments
    San Luis Obispo Council of Governments
    South Bay Cities Council of Governments
    Western Riverside Council of Governments
    Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District
    Monterey Regional Waste Management District
    Costa Mesa Sanitary District
    Orange County Sanitation District
    Redevelopment Agency of the City of Vacaville
    Alameda County Mayors’ Conference
    Contra Costa County Mayors’ Conference
    Marin County Council of Mayors and Council Members
    Monterey County Mayors Association
    Marin County Council of Mayors and Council Members
    Monterey County Mayors Association
    Auburn Public Cemetery District
    Camp Meeker Recreation and Park District
    Conejo Recreation and Park District
    Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District
    Moss Landing Harbor District
    Santa Cruz Public Libraries Joint Powers Board
    American Public Works Association;
    Monterey Bay Chapter
    Planning Director’s Association of Orange County

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Supporting Prop. 22 is simply opposing government corruption, whether from the left (Big Labor) or the Right (Big Business). Voting for Prop 22 is voting against Big Government (State or Federal), while supporting local Municipal or Special District government. The dozen biggest Counties in CA, including Contra Costa, oppose Prop 22, because only Big Labor or Government generally attend their meetings.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Toward the end of Lisa’s column in the Sunday Times, Lisa referred to http://www.ibabuzz.com/politics writing “Contra Costa County officials take a “no” position on Proposition 22, a statewide ballot measure that would bar state borrowing of local agencies’ tax dollars.” Frankly, Lisa, I was expecting more about this in the print version.

  • hmm

    This doesn’t “simply” sound like opposing government corruption – the proposition seems to be a way to lock away money for redevelopment agencies (i.e., strip mall developers), not just nice friendly local stuff like transportation money. What about that? That’s a lot of money being locked away that only benefits some connected individuals.