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California’s Pet Rock, Part II

By Josh Richman
Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 at 2:07 pm in California State Senate, Gloria Romero.

Even as I was penning my blog item yesterday about the debate over lawmakers’ move to drop serpentine as California’s official state rock, the Civil Justice Association of California – an industry-sponsored group seeking to restrict lawsuit damages – was sending a memo asking Assembly members to oppose the bill.

“We believe SB 624, if enacted into law, will be used in an attempt to justify naming additional blameless public and private defendants in asbestos litigation,” CJAC President John Sullivan wrote. “Out-of-state plaintiff law firms specializing in asbestos litigation have been moving to California to take advantage of our evidence and forum rules.”

That means bigger burdens on trial courts, especially in San Francisco and Los Angeles, he wrote. “We have no position on whether serpentine or any other mineral should be California’s state rock, or whether the state should even have one. But should the matter be dealt with, doing so should not be based on bad science that inspires bad law.”

And, as the New York Times carried a story on the debate today, it’s now national news; congrats, California.

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