State names I-680 for Boatwright

Daniel E. Boatwright

Daniel E. Boatwright

Caltrans unveiled this morning near Martinez a sign denoting Interstate 680 between the Benicia Bridge and the Highway 24 interchange the “Senator Daniel E. Boatwright Highway.”

The former Concord mayor and retired state senator led the quest for state money to expand Interstate 680 and build the Highway 24 interchange, construction that dramatically improved the commute through the heart of Contra Costa County about 15 years ago.

Click here to read my story of the ceremony and the luncheon.

I also captured some of the event on video, including portions of short ceremony on the shoulder of Interstate 680 near Martinez. At the luncheon in Concord, I recorded comments by state Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, author of the naming bill, and those of the funny and charismatic 80-year-old Boatwright.

About two dozen people attended the dedication, including four former Concord mayors — Michael Pastrick, Bill McManigal, DeSaulnier and Steve Weir, the county’s election chief and a former Boatwright staffer.

In the first two videos, Boatwright is flanked by DeSaulnier, former congressman and state legislator Bill Baker and Caltrans Director Bijan Sartipi. The third video features DeSaulnier’s comments, followed by Boatwright’s comments in the fourth and final segment.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Persons should be deceased before things are named after them. Likewise, State Senators, such as Mark DeSaulnier, should work to pass the CA Budget. He also voted Aye to County Pension Spiking.

  • John W

    Ditto what Ralph Hoffman said. However, I’d be in favor of honoring DeSaulnier with the “Mark DeSaulnier Memorial Pension Largesse” award. In this case, I think he should be alive to enjoy the recognition. I realize there are others, including some current BOS members, who deserve to share in this worthy recognition.

  • Bill P.

    Ralph Hoffman is correct — public facilities should not be named for living persons. Regardless, Dan Boatwright does not deserve any honor. If my memory is correct, Boatwright was behind the funny business that got EBMUD water to the Dougherty development around the time of the early ’90s drought. Boatwright knew how to serve big developers and other plutocrats. I wish Sunne McPeak would have defeated him for the Senate back in ’88. Other than serving a few special interests, I can think of nothing of consequence that Boatwright did in the Legislature. DeSaulnier seems to have nothing better to do than to pass stupid bills like this — and DeSaulnier is supposedly the Senate’s expert at government reform? And isn’t it curious that Boatwright gave DeSaulnier a big check for his run for Congress last summer just after DeSaulnier got the freeway-naming bill through the Legislature? Just a coincidence? Seems to me like DeSaulnier traded a freeway name for a campaign contribution. And I agree with John W. regarding the “Mark DeSaulnier Memorial Pension Largesse Award.” I suggest that a Contra Costa school district re-name a closed school or a closed swimming pool, etc. in honor of Mark DeSaulnier because that’s the cost of his pension giveway votes — some school is being closed, some young teacher is losing his/her job, etc. because the money is being funneled as luxurious retirement benefits to some lazy, fat-rear-end union guy who retired at age 55 with a $100,000 pension.

  • Latino. California State Senator Mark Desaulnier supports UCOP and President Yudof as in a letter dated Sept 9 he refutes statistics in Contra Costa Times (krupnick) that Latino enrollment was down 5% UC Berkeley 2010 and out of state enrollment jumped. Senator as a policy supports out of state recruitment as a way to achieve UC Berkeley diversity. Contact 916 651 4007 925 942 6082