Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Carole Wade

    Before AB 2411 is signed into Law, please revisit (and REPEAL) AB 860: The Dog Mandate Law. There are unintended consequences to any progressive touted/written bill.

    Is AB 2411 being aggressively promoted by the $ 80 Billion-Dollar a year pet industry (includes insurance companies) for its own financial gain?

    Please understand: my concern has nothing to do with respect to
    “service animals” protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act
    passed by the U.S. Congress. These animals are typically large docile
    German shepherd dogs wearing harnesses to guide blind persons.
    for vision.

    Likewise, our concern has nothing to do with the other kind of so-called “service dogs” — not protected by the ADA law — which are the animals that until very recently were often walked through hospitals and nursing homes for companionship. Unfortunately, these dogs of various breeds carried STAPH infections into the health institutions … and more and more medical facilities are now banning them outright.

    My concern is what has gone wrong in condominium complexes, apartment buildings, I reside in a condominium complex where my CC&R’s now mandated by AB 860 The Dog Law. Permitting aggressive pet-dogs within the association because of the horrible AB 860 – The dog Law is overwhelming. Homeowners and renters alike, own large barking dogs which disturb other residents. However, the horrible AB 860 The Dog Law states: Condominium rules and regulations NO DOG RULE (Service Dogs are permitted) and Apartment Buildings NO DOG RULE cannot not be enforced as AB 860 The Dog Law overrides all rules.

    Originally, AB 860 was drafted to compel mobile home park owners to accept dogs without any restrictions. Then, greedy pet industry people seized the opportunity to dramatically increase the number of dogs statewide by expanding AB 860’s mandate to force all apartment buildings, senior citizen residences, and condominiums to accept dogs — overriding all lease and CC&R restrictions. California legislatures jumped on the idea pushing AB 860 to be signed before all sides of the issue were heard.

    Tragically, the “Dog Mandate Law” tremendously enriches the pet industry at the expense of most Californians who have lost their “free right of association” to escape from barking dogs if they so choose. And sick people, like heart attack survivors, are placed at risk of death from the unremitting barking of their neighbors’ dogs. Likewise, small children are endangered by attack dogs which feel “caged in” when encountering toddlers riding in their own apartment building elevators.

    My hope is that the Legislative Counsel can find a way to repeal AB 860 — now The Compulsory Dog Law — before AB 2411 is signed into Law.

    AB 860’s The Dog Law “mandate” currently denies every Californian a free choice.